Our Strength

Our Strength

Since its inception in 1996, MTG has been blazing the trail for innovative and attractive products, bridging the business domains of ‘Beauty’ and ‘Wellness’. MTG has strived to develop a new culture of beauty by combining the benefits of devices (beauty enhancement systems) and cosmetics (skin-care products). This allowed MTG to become the first beauty device manufacturer to secure a counter on the cosmetic floor of a departmental store, setting the tone for the brand and strengthening the concept of ‘UNITED BEAUTY’

United Beauty
United Beauty is a new beauty category that creates synergy through the respective strengths of beauty devices and cosmetic products. MTG Beauty products are designed with this concept in mind to propose new beauty practices to customers and change expectations held by consumers regarding beauty, liberating the beauty culture from its existing framework.

MTG Business Model
A key strength behind MTG’s unique strategy lies in merging four valued focal viewpoints – Creation, Technology, Branding and Marketing.
Creation: Conceptualise, design and develop innovative ideas and products, creating new values that contribute to society.
Technology: Develop and actualise created concepts with innovative technologies and researches.
Branding: Communicate the true value and story of each product and brand.
Marketing: Bringing Japanese brands to the world and opening up new markets to deliver ‘exciting’ creations to society.

Group Management System
Developed from the fusion of the MTG Philosophy and the division-based profit system, this system forms the cornerstone and foundation for MTG’s overall growth.

By recognising all employees as management-level resources and segmenting the organisation into individual profit sections, each employees’ responsibilities and importance is further clarified and reinforced. By doing so, mutual agreement of the corporate philosophy is achieved, forming the basis for MTG’s growth.