what is a sideboard mtg

3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
[2][3][4], In conventional games, each player is allowed to bring at most 15 cards (in addition to a player's main deck) to a game of Magic: The Gathering.

Professor Reid Duke has dismissed class. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Posted in Level One A Wish is an effect that brings one or more cards "you own from outside the game" into your hand. -4 Meddling Mage, -3 Phantasmal Image, -1 Thalia’s Lieutenant

+2 Deputy of Detention, +2 Dismember, +2 Kambal, +2 Unsettled Mariner Similarly, if you're playing a control deck against a fast aggro deck, you might be unimpressed by a slow card-drawing spell like Jace's Ingenuity.

Now I know I use the term flexible a lot, but that’s because flexibility is important in multiple aspects of the game. It's easy to explain, even to someone unfamiliar with the game, that a Magic deck consists of 60 cards, with a limit of no more than four copies of any particular card. Play the lands that cast the spells you chose to play. Scrying around for better draws and properly counting up your Vial is good in literally any matchup. Meddling Mage names: Thought-Knot Seer, Reality Smasher, Grixis Shadow A sideboard counts as part of the player's deck, therefore any limits to the number of copies of a card that may be included in a deck take the copies in the sideboard into account. Lands (19) ( Log Out /  We do need to pick up the slack against decks like UW though so Kambal pitches in; he is pretty amazing right now. If your LGS has a bunch of Affinity players, you can load up on artifact hate and removal, even if Affinity decks aren’t dominating the larger Modern metagame. You can think of it almost like they're exploiting a loophole in the game, except that it's a completely legal and valid strategy. Now we must figure out if Humans still has a place it in. In some matchups it was a 2/2 and in others it was game-winning.

4 Mantis Rider Meddling Mage names: Fatal Push, Death’s Shadow, Jund Terms of Use |

+2 Deputy of Detention, +2 Dismember, +2 Plague Engineer 4 Unclaimed Territory It is a human, it is a two drop, and it gets better with Aether Vial. For example, Skullcrack

Stain the Mind is a hate card against any deck that's reliant on a single card, and Tormod's Crypt is an iconic hate card against any deck trying to take advantage of the graveyard. Meddling Mage names: Whir of Invention, Ensnaring Bridge. That sure sounds like a sideboard card and it has impressed me. Graveyard hate (like Rest in Peace and Surgical Extraction) is the most common kind of hate piece found in most sideboards because graveyard decks are always on the fringe of prevalence if not prevalent at the time. A little more information to nabrown2's answer:In limited formats like draft and sealed your sideboard is all the cards you did not use as your deck plus any number of basic lands you want.In any event where you don't need to submit a decklist (a list of cards you are playing in your deck) you don't have to change your deck back to its original composition between matches so you can tune your deck after game one and just leave the changes in your deck if it works better than your original deck. Once you know what is going on in the format, you should focus on the specific holes or weaknesses of your deck. This means that only one Black Lotus is allowed per deck, including sideboard, in the Vintage format.) 1 Silent Clearing These are only really used for Companions unless you’re running one of the cards mentioned in the title, and all of those cards get significantly better in Best-of-one because you get 15 (14 with a Companion) spaces to work with! The sideboard is not particularly wild.

The reduced black costs and increased green costs would push you back to four Canopies.

A sideboard, side deck, or side is a set of cards in a collectible card game that are separate from a player's primary deck. Lee Shi Tian's deck is built around Jeskai Ascendancy.

A classic example of a sideboard card is one that destroys artifacts and/or enchantments. It's all about sticking in a threat that your opponent cannot effectively answer.
Of course, your removal might find some targets in the opposing sideboard, so you might not need to swap out that many cards. Most often, though, you'll sideboard with the goal of diversifying your threats. DMCA requests | Against a deck with tons of removal, you could swap one of your two-drop creatures for Eidolon of the Great Revel and at least get 2 damage out of the inevitable exchange.

A Magic: The Gathering site focused on facts rather than fluff pieces. Always be careful to understand the composition of your deck after boarding. 3 Phantasmal Image The key mainboard change was the addition of Charming Prince. 75 Cards Total. You're liable to lose too much of the aggressive potential that made you choose the deck in the first place! Tournament matches are typically determined by a "best two-out-of-three" set of games. The four best decks (Burn, UWx Control, Jund, and Whirza) hate to see him across the table. Best-of-one (BO1) Standard gives you access to a powerful untapped resource in your Sideboard, and this article is here to tell you how to make best use of it! I expect ramp decks to pick up so I am back on Damping Sphere; Teeg is getting worse over time as UW heads to Stoneblade and Threeferi. This is an extremely powerful combo, frequently capable of winning the game on turn three or turn four. On the flip side, you can also use your sideboard to find a new threat that your opponent will struggle with. Knowing the metagame for the tournament you are playing is where you want to start.

TappedOut.js Blog Widget. People tend to write about sideboarding in the context of a specific format or deck, but I want to talk about the process more broadly. Even more information: Sideboard usually contains situational cards or cards that excell against particular type of decks, but are weak or have no relevant effect on majority of decks in current meta (types of decks currently played in tournaments). Sideboard (15)

Many of the cards in Lee Shi Tian's deck might look odd, and rightfully so. It's all about sticking a threat that your opponent cannot effectively answer. Imagine, for example, that you face a control deck that features very few creatures. You’ll run out of slots filling your board with single-deck hate cards. One way to start the process is to employ the elephant method. ( Log Out /  From there you can think about what you want your deck to look like post sideboard in various matchups. 2 Deputy of Detention You're not required to have a sideboard; but, if you do have one, it must be exactly 15 cards. Shadow has Engineer and Temur Battle Rage. Playing Game One ought to show you exactly what "the job" is in any particular case. ( Log Out /  1 Plains 2 Plague Engineer is a sideboard card because against decks which do not gain life, this is just worse than Searing Spear https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Sideboard?oldid=46401. Disdainful Stroke is good against Amulet Titan, Tron, and any form of control deck. Is it being overlooked in the new metagame? When this is the case, you want to know about it ahead of time instead of facing a trial by fire in the actual tournament. A little bit of work on your sideboard will pay off in a big way. Sideboarding helps a player address the weaknesses of his or her deck against a certain opponent. A sideboard counts as part of the player's deck, therefore the four per deck limit includes the sideboard. A sideboard is exactly 15 (or 0) cards that are considered part of your "deck". Many times, I've made the mistake of sideboarding in too many cheap removal spells, only to find myself suffering from mana flood and losing the long games that my deck had been designed to win. These cards are your sideboard.

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