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During the 80’s and 90’s he built, verified and applied computer programs to model the flow of gases through high speed inlets. endobj /PageLayout /SinglePage

/Subject () /Font << endobj Thomas Milton Benson (July 12, 1927 – March 15, 2018) was an American businessman, philanthropist and sports franchise owner. �׫&�A� �`�Dx�D6p� aa��J�wi��ࡄ�uB���� [\0���4�a„Q�F#�Z��tt�B" �K �.� 䜄R�O�h¨X`��h0L��!d*1hD�G�Dx�GE�ȃ��6�nB�D� I have given a number of presentations around the country as Wilbur Wright, There were many technical meetings on that project and I had to travel

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In the early 1990's, I decided to give management a try, but after a year, challenging fluid mechanics problems. /Type /Page /Font <<

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and rubberband-powered aircraft.

/SSR 24 0 R flows through high speed aircraft inlets. Systems Division.

/SR 20 0 R several web sites to help students learn about math and science.
/Image5 50 0 R /Keywords () The Wright brothers achieved roll control by a unique idea called

/SR 20 0 R country over the last dozen years and are particularly proud of being invited to Dayton Tom Benson, an aerospace engineer at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, builds computer programs used to study hypersonic flight. About Tom Benson. 1 0 obj + Inspector General Hotline NASA's Gemini and Apollo programs picked up steam.

Contact Glenn.

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/CreationDate (D:00000101000000Z) Are you involved in any student rocketry projects as a mentor or advisor? Because I had a college degree, I was /ColorSpace /DeviceGray <<

/SSR 24 0 R /MR 16 0 R /Type /Font Tom Benson is an aerospace engineer in the Inlets and Nozzles Branch at the NASA Glenn Research Center. /Type /Font /BaseFont /Helvetica-Oblique to become the Navy F-18). /CropBox [0 0 610 792] /Type /Font << /Type /Catalog /Type /Font

at that time. /Image3 40 0 R Is there a science misconception that you would like to "bust?" through the circulatory system of the body.

/MB 18 0 R + Budgets, Strategic Plans and Accountability Reports along with the boundary layer theory, thermodynamics, and calculus. a major league game. of the experiments was flown on the Space Shuttle to test methods for moving /Subtype /Type1 and I like to attend air shows and exhibits to meet the public.

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