tasmanian timber products

Handle is .. Hand turned Tasmanian Sassafras handle with a quality stainless blade makes slicing cheese easy. Penalty: Fine not exceeding 10 penalty unit, Huon Pine Cheese Board with Tasmanian Icon Coin, Sassafras Cheese Board with a Huon Pine Cheese Knife, Huon Pine Cheese Board and Blackwood Knife, Tasmanian Picnic, Cheese and Pinot Gourmet Hamper, Leatherwood Honey and Huon Pine Honey Dipper, Huon Pine Cheese Board, Knife and Sauvignon Blanc, Huon Pine Pepper Grinder with Tasmanian Pepperberry. .. Hand turned especially for Tasmanian Craft this Blackwood Pear would look stunning sitting on a buff.. This Tasmanian Myrtle Pate Knife - Large comes with a quality stainless steel blade, features a .. Laminated Tasmanian Oak small board perfect for cheeses. Available in beaded and VJ profiles, ideal for wall linings, dados, pine feature ceilings. Cheese knife with a quality stainless steel blade features a comfortable handle turned from Tasmania..

This handcrafted heart from salvaged huon pine would be a lovely keepsake gift for any age. This hand turned & hand painted lemon will add a bit of colour to your wooden fruit collection o.. Quality stainless steel blade features a comfortable handle turned from Tasmania's unique salvaged H.. Tasmanian unique Huon pine hand turned handle with quality stainless steel blade - perfect addition .. *diameter .. A small mouse crafted out of a plain piece of Sassafras with stripes painted on to add character! Dress up your cheese platter with this sassafras magnetic cheese rest & knife set. Delivering a taste of Tasmanian to homes across Australia. We are proud to offer a range of over 400 products from over 40 Tasmanian producers. MILTON SPARKLING ROSÉ AND HANDMADE CHOCOLATES. Cheese grater featuring a hand turned huon pine timber handle with quality stainless steel blade - s.. Recycled & hand crafted from an old window frame this King Billy Pine soap holder will look grea.. Holds eleven pair of e.. Easy to re.. Handcrafted from TasmanianHuon Pine this wine stopper features a 1963 penny and is perfect for seali.. Huon Pine is a conifer endem.. Huon pine salt & pepper mills handcrafted in Tasmania. Cheese grater featuring a hand turned Tasmanian blackwood timber handle with quality stainless steel.. Designed By Website Design Aust, Black Heart Sassafras Cheese Knife - Large, Blackheart Sassafras Cheese Knife - Small, Huon Pine Coasters - Set of Four - Tassie Devil, Huon Pine Mouse - Red Leather Ears & Tail, Sassafras Handle Cheese Knife & Magnetic Knife Rest, Tasmanian Blackheart Salt & Pepper Mills - Small, Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras Serving Board, Tasmanian Sassafras Cheese Slicer - Pointed End, Tasmanian Sassafras Pepper Mill - Ceramic Grinder. Get notified of new products & special offers, Robustic Post & Rail Style Treated Pine Fencing, Classic Hen Layer Mix - Seedhouse Tasmania, Natural Hen Whole Grain Mix - Seedhouse Tasmania, Hardworking Hen Whole Grain Mix - Seedhouse Tasmania, Natural Nutrition 'Matriarch' Equine Muesli, Natural Canary/Finch Premium Seed & Grain Mix. Delivering a taste of Tasmanian to homes across Australia. Easily distinguish the salt from th.. Huon pine is unique to Tasmania & only salvaged timber is allowed to be utilised for craft &.. Small pate knife with hand turned handle in Tasmanian Huon Pine - measures approximately 16cm in len.. Hand crafted from a piece of salvaged Huon pine allows the soap to dry naturally. This sassafras plum has been enhance with a yellow paint stain to bring out the grain & add a bi.. A one of a kind black-heart sassafras timber heart - handcrafted in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. Cheese grater featuring a hand turned handle with stainless steel blade - so easy to use.

Measures 11... Huon pine veneer cover with lined exercise book suitable for all those favourite recipes. This .. We are proud to offer a range of over 400 products from over 40 Tasmanian … Ad.. Beautiful large, tapered, hand turned in Tasmania bowl crafted from a stunning piece of Acacia wood... Blackheart Sassafras grown in Tasmania is highly sought after by wood turners & furniture makers.. Perfect to add to a cheese p.. A small mouse crafted from Tasmanian Myrtle. Solid Tasmanian Blackwood hand turned pear is a perfect display piece for the buffet or wall unit. Beautiful .. © 2017 Tasmanian Craft. MGP 10 pine structural framing is produced at Stronach Timber's Tonganah mill, near Scottsdale in North East Tasmania. Easy to re.. Hand crafted in Tasmania from a piece of black-heart sassafras.

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