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Smashin Crab was established with a strategy rooted in providing both superior service and quality food to our guests.

I mean, the weather has been more problematic honestly than anything else, the fishermen have struggled a little bit with all the storm systems that keep moving through and it makes it impossible to fish. Star is 100% outdoor and it's 100 seats outdoors, but they're picnic tables, so there's often a lot of sharing going on. It's really shocking, almost. Email entertainment reporter Jimmy Geurts at For Star, it's just call-in and you can pick it up. Effective immediately, we will be accepting no reservations. I give this restaurant a 5 star review!!!!! You have to walk inside to pick it up, but there is Plexiglass at the point where you pick it up, or where you order, it's the same place. So we're just lucky to be in a place where people like coming out here, and they like eating what we produce from off these boats. But it's been moving really well in the market, as has grouper, and right now's a really good time for mullet because they're real fat. The way Star Fish does it, the food comes in a box anyway, it's a retail box. Besides social distancing, what are you doing in terms of sanitation?

Wow!!!! It is situated at the water`s edge and sheltered by high rising adjacent cliffs. Bldg. We did a pretty good to-go business, and were able to stay in business. In a phone interview, Bell discussed how Star Fish has handled the pandemic, as well as the stone crab and tourist seasons. And what Star did, we just moved all the tables far apart, to the required six feet apart, and tried to go like that when we were allowed to go back to seating people. I'm definitely going back for a crab boil next! We haven't had to fire people or reduce staff, we're doing fairly well considering a lot of the rest of the country. Seafood Po'Boys, boiled crawfish and live lobsters in fresh await you! So we were almost ready to go anyway for the to-go-type business, and we were lucky in that local customers continued to support us. It's been a long standing Cajun tradition to connect with land and sea and to appreciate its' delicious bounty. Walk through our doors and you're greeted with the smells and feel of home! The seafood shop is also open noon-6 p.m. on Sundays; the restaurant is open noon-8 p.m. on Sundays. Star Fish also offers takeout, and recently began again serving stone crab, which started its current season Oct. 15. All in all, the community's been real supportive, even when we were just doing to-go. They just decided that they were tired of being stuck in the house, the wife's mother lives here and they just came down for a week. We also had the best waitress ever her name was Storm she knew exactly what we wanted and also helped us break our king crab legs. It's both. All rights reserved. They're light, so they're less expensive also. If I could give this place a zillion stars, I would. 6 best waterfront restaurants for outdoor dining in Cortez, Where and how to eat stone crab in Sarasota-Manatee, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. takes no responsibility for availability of the The Stone Crab menu on the website. The service is excellent and the trinity sauce is awesome. Taking our responsibility to this community seriously, we will be instituting some measures to protect everyone. Menu Front (click arrow to see back) Menu Back (click arrow to see front) Top . Then I've seen people too who have homes here who are returning, they come during winter season.

Filed under How has stone crab season been going so far? It's funny, the stone crab claws have been popular. • Mullet, which can be served fried, grilled or blackened as well as smoked. The boats have been picking up, the production has been better the last week or so, so hopefully we'll be doing it soon. Design by. The bar is partitioned off with the Plexiglass, they're wiping down tables between different customers. Glider-rocker-tables gently sway with the warm, balmy breezes where patrons sit a few feet from the water and watch boats of all sizes drift by and huge tarpon feed as the sun sets into the palm trees across the way. Related advice.

Star Fish Company, owned by third-generation Cortezian Karen Bell, features fresh seafood both at its market, or cooked and served at its dockside outdoor restaurant space. The Stoned Crab. How have your three businesses handled the past several months in general?

Smashin Crab continues this tradition every day.

• Shrimp, which can be served a variety of ways included fried and sautéed, along with peel-and-eat or coconut shrimp as appetizers and shrimp and grits as an entrée. There's a Plexiglass shield there. But truly we prefer to use the floaters to make that chowder, because they're easier for one thing to work with, because they're easy to crack. The staff is wearing masks. I will admit the price isn't my favorite and not something I could afford even monthly, but it's definitely worth it for a special occasion. What does your dine-in setup look like currently? So it just makes more sense to make the chowder out of that. I've came in and out of crawfish season and the crawfish has always been live (size varies). • Grouper, which can be served fried, grilled or blackened. How has the market component of Star Fish been faring, and what items have been popular there? We're serving fresh crab, shrimp and oysters in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, where every day feels like Mardi Gras! Please call or place your online order. 11975 Alamo Ranch Pkwy, Suite 110 San Antonio, TX 78253, 8910 Bandera Rd, Suite 305 San Antonio, TX 78250, 700 East Sonterra, Suite 1117 San Antonio, TX 78258, 300 Indian Lake Blvd. I think people are still cooking at home more than they did at one point, and they're cooking seafood. Bell is also a co-owner of the seafood distributor A.P. At one point, I looked at the numbers from Star from January through the end of May; I think that we were down 18% from the prior year and I thought that was amazing, that was pretty good for overall sales. Defenetly will return! 3101 N. Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL, 33040. You may explore the information about the menu and check prices for The Stone Crab by following the link posted above. HISTORY OF THE RESTAURANT The Stone Crab restaurant is located in a unique spot in the picturesque fishing village of Xlendi Bay, Gozo. Lots and lots of people are coming back. indoor & outdoor dining delivery | contact-free curbside pickup 727-866-2115 1 collany road tierra verde, fl 33715 I thought it would follow the lobster market more and it didn't, I guess maybe it's because of there not being a whole lot. Star Fish Company Market and Restaurant (12306 46th Ave. W., Cortez; 941-794-1243; is open 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday and Monday. Bell Fish Company and fellow Cortez restaurant Tide Tables. The problem has truly been lack of production from the weather, which has limited that more than anything else. Have you noticed the return of tourists to Cortez, and if so, has it been more out-of-towners or more people taking staycations? The restaurant opened its doors for business in the June of 1990. I spoke with a couple last night that were from Athens, Georgia. There are no condiments on the table, the tables are all six feet apart. Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant & Market in Hollywood, Florida, is nestled between A1A and the Intracoastal Waterway. Definitely, yes. Seafood Po'Boys, boiled crawfish and live lobsters in fresh await you! That worked out way better than for a lot of people.

Smashin Crab, located in San Antonio, Texas, serves THE best seafood! They're back also.

But they are good; there is I guess nothing that tastes quite like them. Smashin Crab, located in San Antonio, Texas, serves THE best seafood! B 100 Hendersonville, TN 37075, © Copyright Smashin Crab 2020. That might be partly due to the outdoor restaurants, because even though we obviously were impacted from the virus, we did manage to fare pretty well. Open daily from 10:00am to 11:00pm. I'm kind of surprised because the price is higher than I thought it was going to be. 305-433-9431 / But everything in the market's been doing well. During these trying days, we are taking proactive steps to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our staff. MORE: 6 best waterfront restaurants for outdoor dining in Cortez, MORE: Where and how to eat stone crab in Sarasota-Manatee. With Swordfish’s Stone Crab specials ranging from appetizers for $23 to large dinners for $36, you can get a taster or a feast, depending on your particular enthusiasm for these local specialities. Smashin Crab, located in San Antonio, Texas, serves THE best seafood! Bell, I think we have handled it a lot better than a lot of other people, as far as still being able to work. Well, I always feel sort of like Cortez is a little bit isolated, and no matter what, we just seem to kind of keep on keeping on. You can't go wrong with it. In fact, we're moving fish pretty well all over the place, all over the country. • The Cortez Special, which includes two seafood items of the customer's choice, and the Star Combination Platter, which offers a "little bit of everything.". Oh and the mussels......Don't get me started. How has the mood in Cortez in general been these past several months? © 2020 So we're just trying to do what we can to minimize contact between anybody. Swordfish and your other favorite waterfront restaurants want you to know that although this year may feel a little different, stone crab season is still worth indulging in. Stone crab saundersfoot tel number . Loved our food, the spices and flavor were amazing on our way home all we did was talk about the flavors of our food. We're serving fresh crab, shrimp and oysters in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, where every day feels like Mardi Gras! We no longer touch the plasticware, we now buy prepackaged utensils in a little bag, and no paper towels on the table – nothing's on the table. Have you started offering the stone crab chowder yet? While the Manatee County commercial fishing village of Cortez has been affected by the pandemic like any other place in the world, one of its best-known restaurant owners said the area has fared relatively well thanks to its plethora of outdoor waterfront dining spots and loyal visitor base.

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