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To place an order for a hard copy, click the ‘Add to cart’ button to purchase: Stickley Fine Upholstery & Leather Catalog, 2020 Collector Edition Coppertop Side Table. In 1902, Stickley Brothers stumbled upon the term that would prove to be the company’s hook to history, one that would serve it well for several more decades: Quaint.

As mentioned, Mission Style furniture was not the only style of furniture Stickley made. Get the latest updates and promotions delivered to your inbox. Hand-Crafted, American Made, Since 1900. Indeed, many were inspired by early Colonial furniture kept today in museums. When you walk into a fine home that is decorated with antiques made by companies like Stickley, you can certainly tell the owners have a certain taste and level of status. One variation was the “Quaint Tudor” line complete with heavier English looking furniture with bulb turned legs but with an obvious kinship to Quaint Arts & Crafts. If you are like most of the rest of America, including me, the answer is zero. Albert is the one most responsible for the proliferation of the Stickley name.

Mission ... Catalogs (1) Dining Room Furniture (42) Entertainment (36) Living Room Furniture (79) Mirrors (3) Office Furniture … Stickley Furniture made beautiful Mission style furniture in the early 1900’s.

The five Stickley brothers, a furniture-making family. Ideally, you may wish to purchase from highly rated or long standing dealers on the platform.

Please ask an interior designer for help. And that was followed by the “Peasant” line of Central European revivals in shades of gray and green. Years ago, I filled this space with the postulation that Gustav (1858-1942) was ultimately responsible for the “American Look” in twentieth century furniture. In many ways, Mission Style Furniture came as a rejection to sometimes Gaudy and ostentatious Victorian Furniture, and as an alternative to the Industrialized mass production of furniture just being born in America. In fact, purchasing on larger platforms like eBay or Chairish protects you in many ways from fraud or theft. At first the step out was tentative with merely a softening of the harsh look of the Quaint Mission line that included turned legs and a few curves and a new name that included Quaint of course. However, when considering the value of heirloom furniture that will last multiple generations, many people do think Stickley Furniture is worth the hefty price tag. Since 1984, serving Greater Kansas City, Kansas, as well as nearby, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. In other words, it is easy to see how Mission furniture is made by simply picking it up and looking at it. Between 1891 and 1900 when John George left, Stickley Brothers muddled along like almost everybody else making primarily Colonial Revival style occasional chairs and fancy tables and dabbled in Mission style as early as 1900. Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Care & More. By the mid 1920s the company quit referring to its style lines with specific identities attached to the Quaint label and just called them “Quaint American Furniture.” The company label reflected this shift and by 1926 the label was changed to simply read “Quaint Furniture of Character, Stickley Bros. Co” and by 1928 it was further simplified to just “Quaint Furniture.”. Of course, these Mission Styles centered around high ideals like truth, transparency in design and clarity. The first Stickley endeavor was a company called Stickley Brothers Furniture Company in upstate New York under the leadership of Gustav, Albert and Charles formed in 1884. Gustav meanwhile changed the name of the original company to Gustav Stickley Co. That left Albert and J.G. By continuing we assume your permission to deploy cookies as detailed in our privacy policy. But like many family arrangements, the arrangement fell apart rather quickly. Indeed, the Mission lines by Stickley feature the same incredible craftsmanship and simplified lines popularized by the early company. Secondly, the craftsmanship of a fine piece of furniture like Stickley, takes years of apprenticeship to learn.

Traditions Furniture is the only authorized Stickley … Then Albert left to join his brother John George in a new venture in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Of course, these original pieces made by the Stickley workshops during the turn of the century can cost several thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. Stickley Audi Furniture… Enjoy fine furniture by Stickley for years to come with our Stickely buying selections, listed below.

This was the Quaint Arts & Crafts line. On that note, however, there is a way to acquire such incredible pieces at a fraction of the price. Charles left first, joining his in-laws to form Stickley-Brandt. • accessibility • privacy policy • one stickley drive • po box 480 • manlius, new york 13104 • 315.682.5500 Back To By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. By the mid 1930s the only reference to Quaint in the company label was found in the Art Nouveau style logo that had been employed since 1902. Cherry Valley Stickley Furniture looks stunning in old farmhouses and historic homes.

It was similar to but a predecessor of the Shop of the Crafters work in Cincinnati, which opened in 1904.

The line continued for several more years but around 1910 the next new thing dawned on the company.
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By 1914 another line based on Austrian designs with inset cane panels and cut out decorations quaintly called the “Quaint Manor” line.

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Today, you can find these beautiful Stickley CW pieces in fine antique shops for sale today. Hand-Crafted, American Made, Since 1900. Anything as long as it included Quaint. After a series of paper labels, burned in marks and gold colored decal, the company settled on a brass metal tag based on an Art Nouveau design that said simply “Quaint Furniture.” Another version in 1903 featured an Art Nouveau stand that said only “Quaint.”. That left Albert alone in Grand Rapids, where he retained the name of Stickley Brothers and the company soldiered on until 1954. We will be glad to provide you with a glossy catalog in store. Traditions Furniture is located in Overland Park and as Traditions Home in Wichita, Kansas. Hand-Crafted, American Made, Since 1900.

In many cases, these craftspeople spend days on certain parts or on one singular piece of furniture before it is inspected and passed to the next crafts-person.

Yes, Stickley Furniture Company is still in business, and the majority of their products are still being produced in New York State.

From the 1930s to the 1950s when the company closed, Stickley Brothers produced “country” informal versions of American Colonial styles that eventually fit in nicely with the “early American” look of the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Today, you can still find these vintage pieces on the used furniture market today. Of course, purchasing used Stickley Furniture helps you achieve a fine and elegant home, for much less than you might expect. Mission Catalog, Mission Catalog, in the Mission Collection. Copyright © 2020 Stickley Furniture, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

There were five Stickley brothers and they all were in the furniture business either singly or in various combinations with one or more brothers. These pieces tended to have an Early American look. In their partnership with Colonial Williamsburg, Stickley followed the tradition of Kittinger Furniture and Baker Furniture in making incredible, high end reproductions of 17th and 18th Century America. Of course, the company became known for the incredible designs of Gustav Stickley, the head of the Arts and Crafts Furniture movement in the United States.

Sort products by. This time it was the “Quaint American” line of natural and polychromed Windsor chairs, ladderback chairs, gate leg tables and chests based on Colonial designs.

Click the link below to view a digital version at no charge. Of course, they still pay homage to their roots, by offering several collections that represent their history and past. Stickley Fine Upholstery & Leather Catalog $ 10.00 Add to cart. Likewise, the construction of these wood pieces is revealed, not hidden. Modern. For more stories by Fred Taylor go to The Furniture Detective. So, joinery in Mission style furniture is celebrated. Even better yet, how many Gustav pieces do you own or how many pieces did your parents or grandparents own?

Stickley Fine Leather, Stickley Fine Upholstery. Gustav Stickley praised artisans and wanted to promote true workmanship.

The first Mission style for Stickley Brothers was the Bewdley line designed by D. Robertson Smith in 1902. Stickley Furniture Company.

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