sod houses westward expansion

The average house was around 432 square feet (about 40 m2), the minimum size required under homesteading law (see Dominion Lands Act). Westward Expansion Unit 2012. The ugliness of this history never appears in the Little House books. Given that Independence is more than 600 miles from Pepin and Walnut Grove, Minnesota, is less than 200 miles, the banks of Plum Creek is where we headed next. Soddies were small structures cheaply built out of blocks of sod and rudimentary house fittings. Whitewashing somewhat alleviated the damp conditions inside.

Or get to visit the New Ulm home of Wanda Gág, the author and illustrator of children’s books, including Millions of Cats. (See also Homesteading.). Sod houses were cheaply built out of available sod, which refers to grass and the soil beneath that is held together by the grass’ roots. Techniques varied, depending on materials available or local peculiarities. She was glad to know because she hadn’t seen them in awhile and thought they were hiding in her barn.

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