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My first idea was a homepage with everything, news, weather, a search bar and an instant messenger chat, so you could login, do what you want and say hello to your family and friends. Izo FitzRoy, classic Fender Rhodes & Hohner Pianet keys.

Often, both will entail an element of creative production input too. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

154 Votes). Look forward to hearing about your project!

Adsense was my only income from the site, but enough to take a jump and invest around $800 into Flashcoms chat script and a social network script with integration to Flashcoms. I didn’t have the knowledge or programming skills to do such a thing, so I tried other things, not knowing that the entire internet would be based around my concept in many years to come. Soundtrack by Andrew Clarke, Development by […], --- Simon Ward, Liverpool. An upright piano, Fender Rhodes MkII Stage 73, Hohner Pianet T and Roland SH101 cover the keys side of things, with a selection of guitars including 6 & 12 string acoustics, several Telecaster and Stratocaster models and basses from Fender & Tokai. Dr Rubberfunk - 'A Matter Of Time' feat. It was a really good tool at the time because webmasters used it, I used it and my friends used it. 921 likes. As I was working on a classifieds site, I still had the chat site running Tufat flashchat.

Like his page for new songs and shows. Longstanding inspirations include the likes of Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg and Nick Cave. With Musical Director extraordinaire Mr John Martin. Music: Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me (4.17sec) (Album: Tough Love), (iTunes & Google Music) [1-8] L fwd sweep R, Weave L, L side, ¼ R, Repeat with 1/8 turn R 1 Step left slightly forward & across right sweeping right forward 12.00.

Facebook take 100% advertising revenue, no opportunity for any website owner to earn from them.

Ward creates the content for his releases, including artworks, designs and music videos. MEAA Equity 7 day wellness challenge.

If you do find any of my guides or tools useful, please share my website, that would be a great help!

Simon Ward is a Liverpool based creative working with visual art, literature and sound. Whether you need full production, mixing, remixing, a radio edit or some live drums recorded, I can help bring your project to fruition. At the same time, Google was just around the corner, but most people would use Ask Jeeves or Yahoo. A: Having just released a new Dr Rubberfunk album - 'My Life At 45' - I'm now working on some re-issue 7inch projects alongside writing and pre-production for a soul vocalist's album project. A: Always both - I'd love to run an all analog studio, but the costs and logistics are prohibitive for me, so I try to incorporate some of each for both recording and mixing duties! ‘ Simon Says! Simon Ward is an exceptionally gifted and natural music professional. I rebuilt the site, worked very hard to bring in one of the very first chat sites that offered video chat, added Adsense and began to earn some revenue.

It changed my own life incredibly because I met my wife on the site. As the frontman of The Strumbellas, Simon Ward can attest that balancing work and family life ain’t easy. I then thought to myself, I have been doing this for a while, time to make money, so looked for advertising possibilities and found Adsense. ’ is an insightful and intimate evening with songs from Noel Coward, Cole Porter, Jerry Herman, Kander & Ebb, Sondheim, the Muppets, Jonathan Holmes and Simon. A: I've worked on a great deal of remix projects over the years, and this has grown into an increasing amount of more straightforward mixing work. }); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As the front man of The Strumbellas, Simon Ward can attest that balancing work and family life ain't easy.

$65 and cocktail included. I can do those too, please get in touch for details - click the contact button above.

Simon plays Cole Porter, with Murray Dahm as Noel Coward, Eliane Morel as Gertrude Lawrence & John Martin in Piano. Full youtube playlist here, Jess Johnson & Simon WardSoundtrack by Andrew Clarke4-Channel High Definition digital video with audio16:9, 1 minute Exhibited: National Gallery of […], UMWELT 2019 Jess Johnson and Simon Ward Soundtrack by Andrew Clarke HD Video 2.43 mins Commissioned by Daata and NADA […], A 2 channel video made in collaboration with Jess Johnson and first commissioned for Christchurch Art Gallery 2018. 6pm for pre show dining. Im a husband and father to 2 amazing sons. Search by credits or 'sounds like' and check out audio samples and verified reviews of top pros.

My mate, Kev, was also interested in the internet and we shared a living room, a computer each side.

It was a joy to work with him on dance music projects for Kiss FM in the UK and globally syndicated mix shows.

A: A unique studio sound and a rounded approach to arrangement and mixing. They all said “Iggy” brought us here and we like it because its not Yahoo. A varied mic locker covers the classics (AKG D12 & C414, Electrovoice RE20 & RE11, Shure SM58) to the more esoteric (Calrec CB20, Beyer Dynamic M81, AKG D58 & Oktava MK219). With a background in radio promotion, I've always done plenty of radio edits for a variety of record label clients, big and small, and enjoy the challenge of getting a tight edit that everyone is happy with! The reason for this website is both personal and business and I hope to help people with guides and blogs that I write and also share my photos, videos and life experiences with family, friends and anyone else who is interested in the things I do. enable_page_level_ads: true S. Ward, aka Simon Ward, is a singer-songwriter and visual artist from Liverpool.
If my social network was still alive today, I would make it as free as possible as long as everyone had a good experience. Soiree at the Sydney Fringe Festival, Presenting at the 9th Estill World Voice Symposium, Keynote at Crusaders Australia Volt Training.

Opera Bites present the triumphant return season of Noel, Cole & Gertie in the MIddle! 6pm for pre show dining. Q: What are you working on at the moment? Two months later, Google brought out Hangouts, coincidence or not, it killed the site.

The British screen and stage actor Simon Ward has died after a long illness, his agent has confirmed. Hangouts was almost a direct copy of what I had, what I had tried to do and create. Directed by S. Ward’s guitarist, Samuel Winston; lit and edited by Simon Ward. Simon Ward writes songs of murder, loss and decline. My drums can be heard on records from DJ Food, French Horn Rebellion, Smoove & Turrell and many more.

Music To My Eyes Line Dance (Improver waltz)-Derek Steele USA & Simon Ward AU (October 2018) - Duration: 6:00. Created, written, […], Made a whole bunch of music videos over the years. That site was, as of writing this, the domain is available and although I would love to buy it back, its just not worth it, unless you can beat Google Analytics. For press articles and interviews, click here; for shows and news, it’s here. In-fact writing this now, I am surviving on almost zero income from the internet. Be the first to know about Simon’s latest workshops, protips, appearances and more!

Read interview with Simon Ward, see credits and hire
S. Ward, aka Simon Ward, is a singer-songwriter and visual artist from Liverpool. Refresh the page and you would see how many people are on your site, which browser they used and where they came from. It took time but it became something amazing.

I know of marriages, babies and long term friendships because of the site I built. However, I just knew that the internet would be the place where the money would come in, against everyone else, I decided that I could really do something.

I’ll go further into Facebook in my blogs and hopefully you will understand that the internet is not a fair playing field for anyone any longer, not even the end user. So my battles today are a constant fight against the big boys. If I could eliminate Facebook, I would, it is the wrong of the world.

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