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Hey Mike, thanks to a friend on Facebook I found this, and its been nice to read and learn on some surnames. Now lets help you out – Calderwood is a Scottish planter name found in Ireland after the 1600s – most likely in Ulster (although I used to live opposite Calderwood Estate in County Cork). Hi Mike I have several lines in Ireland. Para-Celtic people?

* Mike is the most published author in his field, and also founded the first audio show on the internet, on Irish Families and genealogy. Hi Reva – its normally anglicised as Calway in Counties Mayo and Sligo and comes from the Irish Mac an Chalbhaigh. There are a few other examples of weapons recovered from rivers, a shield was found in the River Witham near Lincoln and parts of a shield were discovered in the Thames at Wandsworth and a celtic helmet, known as the Waterloo helmet was dredged from the Thames in 1868.

Thanks for the posting.

We are thinking they may fall under Haplogroup FGC23742. When did the FitzGibbons, Gibbons, dynasty begin to exist?

All the best – Mike.

Grandfather was Durlan Thomas Connor (the “O” was dropped when they came over because of a fight with a priest over the burial of an infant daughter. I, too, descended from Flanagans.
Other family names are McHugh, Dwyer and Black. any info on the name patterson or cussane? When she got married, I wondered how her family considered themselves more of Scottish descent than Irish. The last 3 names seem to be fairly common in Ireland but the Wiley(Wylie) name is the one which I’m most interested. Four tribes of the Bolgic’s included: I can make you a member of this tree if I can get your email.

So there is the point to start your genealogy in Ireland!

The finest hoards of gold treasure found in Iron Age Britain, the Snettisham torcs, were unearthed in the territory of the Iceni.

Glad you enjoy it Susan – names added to list. The tribe are omitted from the work of Ptolemy, the major historical source of the names of indigenous tribes, which meant the Carvetii went unidentified until an inscribed Roman tombstone was found in 1600 at Penrith. They settled in parts of Ulster and Leinster but would later be replaced by other tribes. Came to Ireland with the Normans from the 1100s onwards. Their name derives from the Celtic goddess Brigantia.Territorially the largest tribe in Britain, their kingdom, centred in what later became Yorkshire, is referred to as Brigantia. Galli (Gauls), for the Romans, was a name synonym of “Celts” (as Julius Caesar states in De Bello Gallico[25]) which means that not all peoples and tribes called “Galli” were necessarily Gauls in a narrower regional sense.

I am a Dibble do you know if they are from Ireland or are they likely from England, Wales or Scotland and where specifically? As far as we can see, our earliest ancestors were the Basque people.

At the east end of the site there is another group of huts. So glad I found your page. Transitional people between Celts and Italics? Hi Bettie – Conaty is a version of Connaghty (Ó Connachtaigh) from County Cavan. just wondering if you might have any other suggestions to find where my great grandfather came from .which city from the county armagh.

They are lost after america.

I know she came from County Wicklow specifically I believe the town of Ashford. Milesians not Irish founder - We have been taught for a few generations that the Irish descend from the Celts. Thank you, Patricia. All three of these were discovered in rivers. J Madill. The McSheehys were from Cork. I cannot find out where in Ireland it comes from. "The location of the Celts according to Hecataeus, Herodotus, and other Greek writers". Macs and Mcs. Right? He was born in 1680 but I don’t know where. The family is from the Tipperary area.
My known ancestors came from Clogorrow, north of Athy, Co.Kildare. I thank you Mike for explaining to me that the Whitney’s came in the 13th century from Normandy. I'm sure you do, too.

Hi Sarah – O’Banion (also O’Bannon) from either county Offaly or Fermanagh. I can’t remember the county. Let me know if you are having trouble seeing it and I’ll email you on a copy. Like most here, I sure wish they didn’t keep using the first names over and over. I’m learning a lot.

Other family names are McCarthy and Doheny all from Kilkenny City. I have been able to track the Knee lineage as far back as I can (685….no,

I only have one Irish ancestor and that was Jacob Reath who came here around the time of the famine. Moses Tobins wife was Mary Lyster born 1766 approx. The Darini and Robogdii who settled in the north-eastern part of Ireland At any rate, I don’t think there was any royalty among my ancestors. I know about Lucas Dillon, but only found limited information on his origins. Moreover, given the importance of familial ties in the Celtic society, the client system was sometimes reinforced with the exchange of hostages and fostering of children.

(By the way, found it interesting that sometimes on the census here in the US- they are noted as McKelvin.)

On Farrelly and the “Scandinavian” connections – Farrelly comes from an Irish name that relates back to the Irish first name “Feargal”, which I don’t think isScandinavian in origin. Hi mike , I tried the sites you suggested with no luck . The Silures were identical with the small, dark, long-headed Basque-speaking people found in the western Pyrenees, who were a fragment of the Iberians.

It was Colchester, that became the target for the Roman Emperor Claudius' invasion in AD43. Their capital was at Ratae Corieltauvorum, (Leicester) Ptolemy mentions their town of Lindum (Lincoln) which was abandoned as a legionary base in the late 70's and its legion moved to Deva (Chester). Mike.

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