mount kerinci hike

We engage a guide and a team of porters ( helpful & friendly porters) to help us hike to the summit of Mount Kerinci. The forest that surrounds the park is home to tons of very nice birds (it is actually the most popular birding site of the whole national park along with Tapan road), some of them endemic to the national park. Hiking Mount Kerinci: Beginning of the hike. What a trip! Noelle hiking through the dense Sumatran Jungle in Kerinci Seblat National Park. After a few hours it was clear that the rain was not going to let up, it was coming down hard, the path was becoming increasingly slippy and was beginning to get much steeper.

Second the view from the top of the volcano with the sunrise is just breathtaking. All in all the hike on Mount Kerinci made for an unforgettable experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great experience off the beaten track to give it a try. It’s located in the Kerinci Selabat National Park, which is made up, mostly, of thick jungle and inhabited by the endangered Sumatran tiger and Sumatran rhino.

And the not so good news is, quite chilling weather. We engage a guide and a team of porters ( helpful & friendly porters) to help us hike to the summit of Mount Kerinci. more, Continue your visit to, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Are the prices for this place or activity, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, My girlfriend and I visited Mount Kerinci during February of 2019. Where the one night we stayed at Base Camp ( tent). Make sure. He essentially strong armed me and made sure I got down safely, helped me with every step on the way. I was surprised that it was proper food (rice, cup noodles, tea biscuits, fruit, eggs and meat even) the level of detail that went into his planning was quite remarkable. Your story is pretty similar and very well told. We could hear monkey’s howling somewhere across the valley, we couldn’t see much through the sheets of rain but at least it was a bit more sheltered under the forest canopy than out in the open. ​I offer a comprehensive Indonesia Travel Calendar​, to any new subscriber to my newsletter about Indonesia. He is also very friendly and guiding us along the trail,...And with his knowledge and experience, we are able to make it to the summit although most of others group didn’t make it to summit on that day. First the hike in the jungle is really nice especially if your enjoy wildlife, we saw many birds, squirrels and monkeys.
Noelle climbs up the steep path on the Kerinci trail, Sumatra. Everything was perfectly organised for a really reasonable price. For that we are grateful because the hike itself was amazing even though we did get wet (like extremely wet) on the way down. You will then reach a series of camp (Pos I, Pos II, Pos III).

It is also possible to do it in one day as I did.

Good day all, Hiking Mount Kerinci... went there on 6 to 9 August stay at Kersik Tuo... nearest village to the mountain. On which Month was this hike? The trail is clear and not confusing. He was mentioned on the tripadvisor page multiple times and came highly recommended.

As mentioned ad nauseum there are rubbish issues but that does not take away from the natural beauty in the form of tropical rain forest and sub alpine forests as well as the underlying geology of an active volcano. You won't regret it, he settles every part of your trip for you from beginning to the end, and it isn't expensive at all. accomodation and so on.

And I was personnaly too tired on the way down to look up for anything. Endatno gave us a realistic assessment of the situation though and encouraged us to do the hike even though we might get wet. We knew this was our one and only chance to climb here and so we all agreed to continue and just hope the weather would clear. His number is +6285266266992, Go climb Kerinci volcano with Een Endatno, We climbed Kerinci volcano and travel + hike totally worth it.
All round nice guy, super knowledgeable about birds and the resident wildlife and great sense of humour. We did this hike in February/March so it wasn’t the best time to do it as the rainy season had just ended. This is his contact number if you wanna ask for his help - +62 852-6626-6992 ( full name is Mr.Edatno Een - can be contacted on What’s app)We started hiking on a rainy day, so it’s super muddy ground, as the bottom of mountain is rainforest so you gotta be careful not to step into,... a deep wet soil of mud. This time could be pushed down by using ojek from Pintu Rimba to Kersik Tuo which would save 50min of hiking both way. He has been a guide for 20 years and has climbed the Kerinci over a thousand times! We (3 people in early twenties) climbed Mt Kerinci over 2 days in the end May period 2018. Kerinci is a tough, strenuous hike – even those in great shape are wiped out by the end.Make sure you’re prepared. Cheers. Second the view from the top of the volcano with the sunrise is just breathtaking. Gunung (Mount) Kerinci is the highest peak of Sumatra reaching 3’805m. The reason why the hike was so great for us was the vegetation that changed with each stage of the mountain, the chance to see some rare animals as well as the specacular view from the summit area.

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