leftover lamb curry slow cooker

Hi I’m just making this for dinner tonight and really looking forward to it. I love dishes like this, but not being tied to the stove. Ta , Sure you could. Happy birthday to your little man! 2 Tbsp of Butter

-Gina-. If it were me, I would get a saucepan good and hot, drop just enough cooking oil to coat the bottom of the pan and when that’s good and hot, toss in your cubes of lamb and sear for a couple minutes to get a golden brown outside. Awhhh, Happy Birthday little guy Our Dec through to January is a bit like your month of February…., it seems we arrive into the New Year every year in a sugar coma wearing extra kgs but what the heck huh….. a birthday’s a birthday & the celebrating is fun.

Happy birthday to your little guy! A great family dinner. You can add less or omit the cayenne if you prefer it mild.

Fragrant lamb curry. 1/2 Cup of Plain Yogurt.

oh your son is simply adorable great snap and love the lamb curry. OMG! Slow cooker! We've also added instructions on how to make this in a slow cooker. I'm sure those of you who love Indian food but don't have an Indian pantry will appreciate this recipe. Obviously, it is a labor of love and does include not just a few extra steps but often a long list of ingredients. This is absolutely delish! Happy birthday to your little guy, what a cutie!

did you decorate that cake? I cut up a bone in lamb leg in small 1/2 inch cubes and times and a halved the ingredients as I had about 3 lbs lamb.after removing the bone. oh, to be 0-5 again!

Thank you for kind words over Chef’s Dennis blog . It’s Lois at Recipe Idea Shop, telling you about a terrific Lamb Curry with Leftover Lamb that Don and I had for supper yesterday.

So, experiment with the one that you like most. My first time cooking lamb and your recipe was superb!

The meat is meltingly tender. Lamb curry can be spicy, but my curry powder is quite mild, which is why I add cayenne when required.

The Big 0-5…I love it! Walk away and don’t look back until it’s time for dinner. Belated Happy B-day to your little one . Walk away and don’t look back until it’s time for dinner. Otherwise, it will break apart and you won't have pieces of lamb just pulled lamb meat in the recipe.

Then, add the garlic and ginger - sauté a minute.

Brady’s 5 in just a couple months. The fat on the meat will be rendered during the process of slow cooking. Find the least expensive cut and run with it. 1 Tbsp of Rosemary It’s not a strong/hot curry at all no Here are some Indian as well as non-Indian lamb recipes I have shared on this blog. It takes longer to cook, but also has the opportunity to absorb more flavor. I love curry and I love slow cooking but I have never tried lamb. My very fussy family loved this. I have loads of this a need to use it.

I start with the oil, shallots, ginger, garlic - combine well. I have to admit i was cautious about this one as I’m not big on spicy food but the flavours are amazing i served with rice and it was lovely. Happy Birthday big 5 year old boy! Big difference! Not sure where all you are from using kilos and kangaroo but we are from the Seattle area in The US. Recipe Idea: Lamb Curry with Leftover Lamb. Follow the stovetop method and pressure cook for 20 minutes. The recipe looks very wonderfully delicious.

Being a professional cake decorator and food blogger for over ten years she has been featured in many online magazines and publications around the world. Lamb BiryaniGrilled Lamb Chops with Cilantro ChutneyLamb Rogan JoshSlow-cooked lamb with creamy polenta.

Happy Birthday Alex! Visit Mommie Cooks's profile on Pinterest. That is, until I open up my fridge and see the caramel apple cake sitting there.
2 Tbsp of Curry You can make this dish using the pressure cooker or IP. Great family friendly, 8 yr and 1 yr gobbled it down.

2 Cook on HIGH for 2hrs then LOW for 3hrs (which is the same as 5hrs on auto) .

The sweetness from the apples and fruit chutney was a nice change from my usual curry dishes.

The bones add flavor to the curry. I haven’t ever had a sweet curry. 6 Oz.

Simply amazing will be making it again and many many more times after that. I served with white rice and Pappadams . 2 Large Baking Potatoes, Cubed What a wonderful meal Julie. 41/2 hr prior to serving, mix 2-3 tbsp cornflour with 1 tbsp water to form a paste and stir through dish.

The lamb curry looks delicious, and yes, over white rice , Happy birthday to ALex!

I had been let down by friends at the last minute so had thawed out too many lovely lamb shanks for a dinner party.

So yummy. Thanks this made for very intresting reading. My husband, who generally does not like curry, polished his off, too.

4 1/2 hr prior to serving, mix 2-3 tbsp cornflour with 1 tbsp water to form a paste and stir through dish.

I used leftover pre-cooked lamb, but I’m guessing raw lamb stew meat would work just as well. SAVE THIS RECIPE ON PINTEREST FOR LATER. 1kg diced lamb (I had a butcher debone and dice a leg piece of lamb), 2 small green granny smith cooking apples, pealed, cored and diced, 1Place all ingredients (except cornflour) into slow cooker, 2Cook on HIGH for 2hrs then LOW for 3hrs (which is the same as 5hrs on auto), 3This dish would be ok cooked longer on just low also if you are not there to change it or wish it to cook all day. Tell your butcher what you’re making and ask him to cube up some lamb for you. Yes, if you have Indian spices on hand you can use this slow-cooker lamb curry, which uses individual spices or this slow-cooked lamb curry, which is slightly different than this one. Next, add the coconut milk, meat, lemon juice, and water.

The nutrition information and metric conversion are calculated automatically.

And yes diced is fine . Added extra curry for our tastebuds.

Our big month is August, when the girls’ birthdays are nine days apart.

Hi was just wondering if anyone has done this recipe with beef He is adorable (I’m not surprised by that though…considering his genes!) One of my all times favourites!!

When the magic hour arrives, cook up a batch of rice and while that’s in progress, you’ll simply open up your slow cooker, grab your yogurt and stir it into the curry.

This sounds delicious and I can just imagine the smells while it’s cooking! This sounds like a good opportunity to bring it out and put it to use. Nice! Alternatively, you can remove as much fat from the meat before cooking. Could you state if the meals can b frozen please, Absolutely delish!!! You may just wish to add the apples on the day of cooking . So, don't skip on the slow cooking. I made this with stewing pieces so I needed to cook it for a few more hours.

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