krups sub troubleshooting

The son of the latter, also named Robert, turned the smithy into an industrial company. It is comparable to an unopened refrigerator.

Also clean the permanent filter if applicable. This model still exists in the catalog of the company "Krups" under the

Hold the glass under the spout, at 45 degrees. Take care to put all the paper inside the filter. visit your local website.

It is imperative that you let the hot water flow through the spout to lower the temperature of the thermo block. warranty; repair centre; Contact us; frequently asked questions ; where to buy; KRUPS. This is perfectly normal.The product will adjust the temperature to keep your beer perfectly chilled.During this process it will make noise. Like all other beer kegs, do not allow the kegs to be exposed to temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

The TORP® is made of PET plastic, and the recommendation is to dispose of the TORP® in an appropriate plastic waste stream. our newsletter *Mandatory field. Problems with programming the Auto-on or the clock.

TORPS®, skimmers, and other accessories are sold separately.

How long should I conserve "THE TORP" keg once it is opened?

Center the pod and fold the edges inside the filter. Common issues and solutions are listed below.

Water tank incor- rectly mounted.

Contact an approved Krups service center.

The Krups Beertender is a home device that works with a draught keg to maintain a steady temperature and uses carbonator technology to produce fresh beer. Your Krups coffee maker manual troubleshooting section is a good place to start diagnosing these and other problems. Fritz Krups, an experienced technical specialist, quickly translates several original ideas into successful products. In case of problems, call theAfep/esso Club. Nozzle is blocked - unscrew, clean and prick the opening in the central outlet with a pin and fit back into place.

Why? THE SUB® is made of glossy plastic, and its drip tray is made of plastic.THE SUB® Heineken Edition is made of anodised aluminium, and its drip tray is made of anodised aluminium and silicone.THE SUB® Compact and its drip tray are made of plastic. The filter is blocked, the coffee grounds are too fine or tamped down too hard. If the temperature of the room is above 30 °C and the TORP® has not been pre-chilled, it can happen that the light does not turn green. This means this is one of the most efficient appliances within the home draught system category. The differences in terms of function between our SUB® models are as follow: Merci d'accepter les conditions de NewsLetter.

How do I know the beer is ready to be served?

Possible reasons are:• The beer tube is not fully inserted in the keg.• The beer tube is not well placed inside the tap head of the appliance.• The beer tube is pinched.• The keg is empty. Do not use your appliance. Dip the filter in soapy water to clean it; gently scrub to remove superficial dirt.

Where can I dispose of my appliance at the end of its life span? Step 1.

Push the tube into the opening of the TORP® until you hear a "click" sound (this may take a little force). Milk has too high of a fat content or is too warm (More than 46 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Whether there’s a leakage or there’s no light indicator, whether coffee comes out very slowly or there’s no coffee at all, follow the tips from these tables.

The aesthetic differences are that THE SUB® Compact is slightly smaller in size and is loaded from the top, THE SUB® is loaded from the front. While the SUB makes some noise when powered up, it could be heavier than usual. Coffee grounds too old or very dry and the pump can- not produce pressure.

The coffee flows through the panels on the filter holder. company once again with only 30 employees. Remove the tank and reposition it correctly. During the 1970s and 1980s, a new Krups logo of red-orange color appeared.

Change water. Clean the cooling chamber of THE SUB using a soft dry cloth (19). Send appliance to repair or call the Nespresso Club. Check to ensure the appliance is plugged into a working outlet, and the appliance is in the «ON» position. I've just opened my new device and I think there is a part missing.

Make sure you push the TORP® completely to the end of the appliance.

Coffee Appliances; Breakfast Appliances; Small Kitchen Appliances; Follow KRUPS on . With the introduction of an electric motor, Krups becomes an innovator in the The light on my SUB ® is not turning green. Use the quantity indicated in the instructions.

The tube that is inserted in the tap is located in the cap of each TORP®, and should not be taken out of the TORP® once inserted. In 1956, "Krups begins" the production of the first electric coffee grinders.
Set your fridge at the lowest temperature and store the TORP® on the lowest shelf (this is the coldest area) for 6 to 10 hours, or until the cold indicator on the TORP® turns dark blue.The temperature of the TORP® depends on the temperature in the fridge and the time the TORP® has been in the appliance. NOTE: If you do not contact our Customer Relations Team first you will be required to provide proof of purchase to validate your guarantee or your product will be treated as out of guarantee and any repairs or service …

If your machine needs further repair, find an approved Krups service center.

In case of problems, call the Nespresso Club. Consult the user manual to find specific operation tips and problem-solving steps for your particular model. Use no more than one thermal carafe. Capsule area is leaking (water in capsule container). On non-timer models you should descale every 40 to 80 uses depending on the hardness of your water. Turn the knob to the “Espresso” position (b2). This means the home temperature is 20-22°C, the TORP® is pre-chilled to 2°C, and THE SUB® is not pouring.

Remove the basket and the filter, them put the empty carafein the machine.

Production of coffee machines "ONKO", which were later replaced by coffee machines "T8".

Then empty the carafe and start brewing. Error                                         Mean        Put milk in refrigerator.

For 110 years, the family business has been associated exclusively with the production of scales (scales with an arrow and platform scales) manufactured under the brand "Krups Use a fine needle to remove any dirt, limescale and rinse under clear water.

A little condensation is normal; this is connected with the difference in temperature.Dry the refrigeration chamber thoroughly when exchanging kegs.

The temperature of the TORP® depends on the temperature in the fridge and the time the TORP® has been in the appliance. You can find a full set of beer brands available on ". Leave it at a local civic waste collection point. To keep your coffee hot for a long time, heat thermal coffee carafe(s) up with hot water. For example, your troubleshooting may follow a different checklist for a coffee maker than it does for a Krups espresso machine troubleshooting checklist.

The list of possible problems is rather long. Snap the beer valve in its position in the tap head. Get a professional from an Approved Service Center to replace the joint.

Can I adjust the temperature of the drink? There are two ways:• In the beer dispenser (if the keg and dispenser are at room temperature of 20 °C, it will take approximately 15 hours to chill a keg of 4 or 5 litres to 4 °C, and around 10 hours to chill a keg of 2 litres to 2°C)• or in the refrigerator (between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the cooling capacity of the refrigerator and keg size).

When I try to draw a beer, no beer comes out. Pour out the solution.

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