homophones definition and examples

There are two restaurants in our neighborhood. There is no point in just memorizing lots and lots of homographs, but the idea is to carefully master the ones that matter a lot in writing.

Homophones are two or more words that sound alike but have different meanings, origins, or spellings. Here are a few: They're — This is the contraction of "they are". Some words are often confused as they are similar-sounding words, but they are different in spelling and meaning. Their — This means "belonging to the people".

Homographs are words which are spelled the same, but have different meanings and are not necessarily pronounced the same. One example is the word bow, which has several meanings pronounced two different ways, such as a weapon for shooting arrows, or to bend at the waist. Eight is a … Benjamin will write the assignment after lunch. Homographs then are words written or spelled the same, but are different in meanings. 1. Go ahead and complete the quiz. Reinforce your skills using our free printable Homophone Worksheets. ‘Homo’ means the same; ‘phone’ means sound. The word "graph" is to do with writing, while "phone" denotes sound or pronunciation. The simple thing to remember here is if the word can be replaced with "it is" or "it has", it is the one with the apostrophe. There — This denotes a place or is used with words such as is, are, was, and were.

Ate (verb) or Eight(noun) – Ate is the past form of ‘eat’. You've not chosen any option.

Example – I ate a large size burger. Homophones, as we have already discussed, sound the same but are different in one of the three things: meanings, origins, and spellings. Or else, it is the one without the apostrophe. The dress was too expensive for us to buy.

bow (a loop made in a string of a ribbon)bow (a device used to shoot arrows)bow (the front of a ship). Both the names "homographs" and "homographs" are self-explanatory. Such words are referred to as homophones. Homophones are two or more words that sound alike but have different meanings, origins, or spellings.

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