heir of rage

So, the Heir of Rage may be able to decrease negative emotions like fear and anxiety in allies. Chaos divides into two, Fool and Mad, representing disorder due to misunderstandings or not knowing more than you can see, and insanity in itself. 1. < It*s g00d t0 be back, I*ve been decent, I mean after everything that happened with G0atzee and… tricksters 00f… >< S0rry it*s been so l0ng, it was just a evening f0r me, seems t0 have been al0t l0nger f0r y0u guys th0. (Heir of Rage belongs to @transgoreprince, Witch of Heart belongs to @gswitchofspace) This will end in a week. When allies are in pain or afraid the Heir can be there instantly. For this I could have just analysed The Makaras and maybe Xefros too, but I decided that I should take a look at all of them for better clarity, and I’m glad I did it, because now I …

We haven't heard much from you lately, Anonymous asked: Magic Anon: karkat and gamzee have swapped species, this is a heart meter. They passively manipulate their aspect.

Support: 1/5 The Heir of Rage will be immersed in Rage, driven by their instincts.

Support on ko-fi / Find me elsewhere. On … Blog event: Date the Fantasy Goat, Anonymous asked: Hey rage, just wanting to check up on you and make sure your alright. Anger without sense or a direction. Heir of Rage. So, to me, Rage was Wrath, mixed with Chaos. In addition, the heir would find themselves to be stronger when in danger, like how some humans find themselves strong enough to toss a car when enough adrenaline is in their body. if you take on someone like this in battle they’ll basically rip you to shreds in a few blows. I need to win this very very important bet I have with my husband, I’m so close.

They are essentially a living nightmare. At lower levels they could meld into dark emotions. Title: Heir of Rage Character Traits: Anger-Management Issues but Genuine and Friendly (Most of the Time) Path to Ascension: An Heir of Rage would ascend very peacefully, during a quiet moment in the game. This will end in a week. At higher levels they could channel negative emotions through their own nature. Heir of Rage. Heir- inherit their aspect and are naturally protected by it. At lower levels the Heir’s aura would allow them to block large amounts of damage, their fear and anger materializing into a shield. Heirs are relatively easygoing characters who feel compelled to aid others, and dislike entering or initiating conflict if they can ever avoid it. One who inherits rage, fear, and pain. When in tune with Rage the Heir can conjure a rage aura, materializing their anger and wrath to protect themselves. Heir of Rage. 2. They could transform into illusions that would instill fear or paranoia. Please Please, help me win this bet, you can unfollow afterwards if you so desire, just know you would help a giant loser  get a statue of their true love. So, to me, Rage was Wrath, mixed with Chaos. As for the heir class, I am using the examples John has shown us in Homestuck of being able to become his aspect, manipulate with his aspect, and and being protected by his aspect.

But this time, my whim is telling me, to finish what I started…”.

heir0rage's health is at 70%. Opens in new window. Alright so Analysis number two time, once again using the aspects as @wakraya defines them cause they are awesome. If the heir is in danger, the environment could become chaotic in order to keep the danger at bay, whether this is by a natural phenomenon or by living creatures is dependant on the situation. The Heir of Rage can become negative emotions. Opens in new window, Anwer Post posted 2 years ago. Successful Heirs make others do just the same, avoiding fights and providing the Heir with whatever he needs to succeed on his quest.

At medium levels they could turn into illusion. Offensive: 5/5 Killer instinct- your instincts are nearly always right, Sympathetic fear- foes feel incredible anxiety and terror when you are even slightly afraid, Misguided aggression- blind anger and rage directed at you makes attackers miss, Want to see more? Photo Post posted 2 years ago. Chaos divides into two, Fool and Mad, representing disorder due to misunderstandings or not knowing more than you can see, and insanity in itself. As they progress they could learn how to teleport through negative emotions. Utility: 1/5. One who inherits rage, fear, and pain. Wrath then becomes Misdirected Strength.”, -Fool & Mad: disorder due to misunderstandings or not knowing more than you can see, -Strength: Literal embodiment of how strong you are. Finally, the heir can use their aspect to manipulate things. the risk for heir is … They could bend the reality of the emotions, instigating when they aren’t even there by making illusions that would invoke them. Their shield could either be larger and defensive if they are too in pain to move, or become smaller and augment their speed if they are afraid. Wrath divides into Strength, as Rage is been seen making its users quite powerful, but also Shake, as in, like with Fool and Mad, misdirection and disorder. an heir of rages powers would fall along the lines of literally becoming the physical embodiment of rage and anger. The calm before the storm, if you will. They passively manipulate their aspect. This could make them more confident and better able to protect themselves. A fully realized Heir of Rage could create a projection with many facets, all based around key parts of Rage the Heir is channeling. At medium levels they could learn to could consciously alter their aura by using different parts of Rage. They would be quick to anger and excel at annoying the people around them. When they become their aspect, their strength becomes unmatched, and their attacks and movements become unpredictable due to the disorder they embody, and the misdirection. Anger without sense or a direction. 3. Opens in new window, Text Post posted 2 years ago. They’ll be connected to plights, like an omen. The more reblog the higher your chances of winning! the link takes you to the permalink page. the heir of rage if they succeed will become the embodiment of negative emotions being able to give and take them at will controlling every aspect of rage, but if they fail they will become inflicted of those emotions and fall into despair with no power to take them back. >< Speaking 0f being back, I sh0uld really let the Makara*s kn0w I*m n0w h0me!

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