healthy cookie dough low calorie

In the mean time beat the butter, salt, sugar and vanilla until fluffy.

Even though you're not supposed to because of the raw egg or other 'icky' stuff that could be in there? I loved Oreos and cookie dough, so those two flavors were a very special treat! Have some for breakfast: my … The Low-Calorie Cookie Dough that is an healthy, all-natural and REALLY EASY and FAST to make – what do you say to that? You won’t find them anywhere else! Edible Cookie Dough Pro-Tips: Use a food scale – like this one – to measure out all of your ingredients Opt for a high quality whey protein powder; Use “mini” semi-sweetened chocolate chips to get more chocolate in every bite Baking Techniques & Basic Recipes , Basic Recipes , By Kind: , By Purpose: , Cookies , Desserts , Healthy Recipes , Quick & Easy , Quick & Easy Dessert Recipes , Special Diet , Techniques , To Lose Weight (Low-Calorie) , To Share (Crowd-Pleasing) , …

This is the kind that I buy because I love its warm vanilla flavor and don’t notice any strange aftertaste like some other stevia products have. Click here to PIN the recipe and save it for later! What Inspired You to Write Healthier Chocolate Treats? Vanilla1/2 Tbsp. I called this the Master Recipe because I’m planning to make the other versions of it very soon (for instance I can’t wait to try the Chocolate Cookie Dough!). My mood always, Cookies for breakfast! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Preheat oven to 350˚F. I just emailed you. View Nutrition Information Any milk will work, but I prefer unsweetened cashew milk because it’s thick, creamy, and just 25 calories per cup. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag('js', new Date()); Every Halloween throughout my childhood, I inverted the entire contents of my bright … Read More, Copyright © 2020 Amys Healthy Baking | Web Design by Viva la Violet | Privacy Policy. This recipe is best if eaten as soon as it’s made, and it’s easily doubled or tripled to serve more people. Fat Free Milk2 Tbsp.

Because fructose is sweeter than the sugar you can get away with 1/4 cup instead of the 1/3 cup of sugar. Here, I've taken the best parts of edible cookie dough and put my own little healthy twists on it to make it a even more guilt-free. Your email address will not be published. This recipe was specifically designed for this soy protein powder. Healthy Cookie Dough Recipe | lowcalorie, less sugar - YouTube This cookie dough is meant for eating. The Healthy Low-Calorie Edible Cookie Dough is the guiltless treat that you can indulge on without worrying about gaining weight! Because I learned early in my childhood to “save the best for last,” I ate around the cookie dough bits and biggest Oreo chunks, moving them to the side of my bowl with my spoon while I dug into the smooth vanilla ice cream surrounding them, slowly bringing each mouthful to my lips and letting it melt on my tongue.

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