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Marco died instantly, and Ezio fled the party and rested at Sister Teodora's bordello. Shortly after, Ezio headed to another Leonardo's war machines location, where he was to assassinate another overseer. Mario said that he trusted Ezio's judgement, and Machiavelli said that he was leaving for Rome. He heard Rodrigo admonish Jacopo, who blamed the failure to Francesco, and he heard a "Signor Barbarigo" talking. He also killed corrupt officials Salvatore da San Gimignano and Marco de Avilo while in San Gimignano hunting down two pages. Shortly after, Rosa showed up, and she told Ezio to open up the gates for Antonio. Shao Jun and Ezio fought off the attackers, and killed all of Jiajing's men. He wrote Claudia, telling her that they were in Acre with the five Masyaf keys. In the end, he found the vault where his ancestor Altair Ibn-La'Ahad had died, and Ezio unraveled the truth to the past. Ezio only goal was to take revenge but that was done.
He heard a group of Byzantine Templars in the sewer say that they could blow upp a door using barrels of gunpowder, and Ezio shot one. Legendary Italian Assassin. Ezio then took Soul Edge from him and then hid it. Ezio used the Staff and Apple to open the Vault, and saw a vision of Minerva. He also saved Giovanni Migliore from a fight around the same time, and Migliore was recruited into the Order. He heard that Caterina was moving to the prison in the Castello next and Rodrigo and Cesare were in the Castel d'Angelo. Can we still claim it for our own? After these tasks, he met with Machiavelli. He said that she was a true Auditore, and Maria appeared, telling the two that they had finally come to their senses. Ezio visited Piri Reis' shop, and he found out that the location of the trading post was near Ayasofya. Later, he found out that the chest at Monteriggioni was full, so he traveled to the villa to collect the money. Yusuf told him to meet with Piri Reis, who could help him out with both finding the Polo trading post and in crafting bombs. In 1492, Rodrigo Borgia was elected Pope, making Ezio enemies with the most powerful man in all of Italy. Ezio proceeded to hold off the guards, and he brought a wounded Rosa to a table, and he met with Antonio de Magianis, who was the leader of the Thieves' Guild. Ezio killed the two mercenaries after they laughed at his offer of sparing them, and he put Jacopo out of his misery with his sword. After a short chase, Ezio followed the leader to a small group of followers and killed the leader and all of his men near the shrine. Shao Jun dueled him and slew him, and while Ezio and Shao Jun rode back to the villa in a wagon, she explained that her Mentor sent her to meet with Ezio. He headed to the market, where he asked for white tulips from a merchant, but he told that he could tell him where he could get tulips in an hour.

He told Valois that respect was not inherited nor purchased, and Valois admitted his wrongs. Ezio headed to the Campidoglio, where he found Egidio being beaten up by Papal Guards. While following him, he discovered a way for the Assassin Recruits to infiltrate the play by having them dress as dead Papal Guards. But it is our ability to choose – whatever you think is true – that makes us human… There is no book or teacher to give you the answers, to show you the path. Da Vinci told him that the Borgia commandeered his services, and he told him that he had to construct weapons for the Borgia. Most had exploded or the pilots died, but one was being held in a workshop, and it was known to work. Ezio headed to attend the acquittal of his father and brothers, but he found them on the gallows instead. The followers of Romulus gave him a key in exchange, so Ezio pursued the cardinal. Afterwards, he bid farewell and disembarked from the ship onto the Golden Horn section of the city. He delivered the other, and took the scroll from from the pigeon in a rooftop coop, and he returned home. Ezio led his fellow Assassins in its defense, using Assassin Leaders, Crossbowmen, Riflemen, and Barricades to defend the den from Templar attack. Ezio wrote to Claudia, telling him that Masyaf was occupied by the Templars and that he knew their motives. He caught a glimpse of a figure in a red cloak behind him but did not notice who he was: he was the Spanish nobleman Rodrigo Borgia. During his time in Florence, Ezio had also captured many codex pages.

Ezio was born in the Repubblica Fiorentina on 24 June 1459, as the second son of Giovanni and Maria Auditore. He found out that his father and brothers were in jail at the Pallazzo della Signoria, and he found his mother in shock, as she had been raped and beaten when she resisted. After being stabbed in the side, he fell unconscious but when he woke, he was on the pirate's ship to Acre. Vali explained that the Creed was as vital to him as air and water until the Turks marched into Wallachia and the Assassins did nothing. The overseer died and it was revealed that the Borgia constructed a Naval War Machine based on Leonardo Da Vinci's designs. Micheletto garroted him to death, and the guards gave Micheletto the costumes for the play.

And love, most especially, mio caro. Shortly after, he headed to the town square and killed another official, Ariele Terrana.

He also told her that Sofia was sucked into a war that she did not know existed, and that if harm came to her, that it was his burden to bear. Having experienced and ended a 1607 event, he prevented the dangerous Piece of Eden from falling into the wrong hands, and erased its future possibility. Ezio in the arms of his father, shortly after birth. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do; not Savonarola, not the Medici.

Ezio was the younger brother of Federico and the older brother of Petruccio and Claudia Auditore. Ezio headed back to the Rome Thieves' Guild, where he met with La Volpe, who told him that the man holding the key to the Castello was a stage performer named Pietro Rossi, who was also a lover of Lucrezia Borgia. Antonio told him that they would strike soon, but they had to recover from the failed attempt to rob the Pallazzo della Seta. Yusuf told him that he would head to the Bazaar, but Ezio would stay where he was at the Galata Den.

A sanctum full of invaluable wisdom. While in the city of Forli, he saw Borgia messenger Sandro Ciancio at the entrance, and he chased him on the rooftops. He heard that Akilas said that two Assassins were held hostage, and that Vali demanded the possessions of the Assassins in return for them. They sat on a bench and Ezio asked Da Vinci to craft two hidden blades, so he could kill double the amount of enemies.

Ezio made his way to the former Polo trading post, which turned out to be a book store owned by Venetian woman Sofia Sartor, whom Ezio had caught a glimpse of on the boat from Rhodes to Constantinople on his arrival.
Giovanni told Ezio that expected the events to happen, but not that way. Silvio was a slower runner and was caught from behind while running by Ezio, who stabbed him with his hidden blades.

Cesare said that he had the army, so he was making the decisions.

He also saw Shehzade Ahmet, who was grooming himself for the sultanate as they spoke. Having deposited the Apple safely, eliminated the Templar Order in Italy, and found out the legend about two legendary swords, Ezio planned a joruney to the ruins of Masyaf in present-day Syria, the home of the Assassins 300 years before. He set a goal to kill the Templar Overseer to recover a map showing the location of one of Leonardo's war machines. When he woke up, he was bandaged and taken care of by Magherita dei Campi, and was in Rome. After escaping, he headed to the Assassins hideout at Isola Tiberina.

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