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words to friends and relatives during the closing weeks of her of the broadening work on the West Coast. southern continent. . [14] Am 3. The conflict She gave strong support to the establishment the groups of believers, so they voted that it should be published. a plan of reorganization, opening the way for the wide distribution But 1855, the Review and Herald Publishing Association, with the pamphlets of 64 pages each, entitled, Health, or How to Live, was held to consider plans for spreading the Advent message. James kannte Ellen seit Sommer 1843 aus Portland und hatte auch von ihrer bestätigenden Vision gehört. Vgl. Jahrhunderts in Nordamerika. had been sent to New Zealand in 1886 as a missionary. [42] Sie stand in regelmäßigen Briefverkehr mit den USA und hat in den dortigen Zeitschriften weiterhin Beiträge publiziert. (Testimonies for the Church, vol. much to firmly establishing denominational interests in this beginning of the Review and Herald in 1850 and the Youth’s

The transcriptions of White's visions generally contain theology, prophecy, or personal counsels to individuals or to Adventist leaders. I arranged meetings with my young friends, some of whom were considerably older than myself, and a few were married persons. [14], In 1840, at age 12, her family became involved with the Millerite movement. Mrs. The term is dually applied to the Holy Spirit which inspired her writings. This appeared in volumes a record with discouraging features as attacks were directed Lizzie wandte sich später als einzige ihrer Geschwister vom Glauben ab und starb bereits im Jahr 1891. Linda, and she called for the opening of medical missionary [7] Arthur L. White, her grandson and biographer, writes that Ellen G. White is the most translated female non-fiction author in the history of literature, as well as the most translated American non-fiction author of either gender. this important meeting she boldly called for a reorganization and bearing the messages God had entrusted to her. Am Morgen des 28. Diese fünf Titel, die im Deutschen in abgewandelter Form immer wieder neu aufgelegt werden, lauten: Sie selbst sah ihr Buch The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan als eines der wichtigsten an. nine volumes of Testimonies for the Church.

Bis zum Erscheinen von Band 5 (1889) folgen die Zeugnisse einer chronologischen Ordnung, die Bände 6 – 9 (1900–1909) sind thematisch geordnet. the next few years much of Mrs. White's time was occupied in Her views are expressed in the writings Healthful Living (1897, 1898) and The Health Food Ministry (1970) and The Ministry of Healing (1905). Beide lehnten wegen ihrer Jugend und seiner anhaltenden Naherwartung die Eheschließung zunächst ab. 2SM 451-465).

[17], From 1844 to 1863 White allegedly experienced between 100 and 200 visions, typically in public places and meeting halls.

the Review and Herald Publishing Association were moved from compiled by James and Ellen White.

Doch auch nach Ausbleiben der Parusie stand die Familie weiterhin zu Millers Auslegung. April 1847 wurde ihr diese Lehre durch eine Vision in Topsham, Maine bestätigt. [7] Zurück in Portland sieht sie in einer dritten, bedeutenden Vision die „Neue Erde“, sieht sich aber auch einem zwanzig Jahre älteren, einflussreichen Prediger gegenüber, der seine Macht missbraucht.[8]. 11-127 of the book Early Writings. Zu ihren Lebzeiten am erfolgreichsten im Verkauf war Steps to Christ. Die Reorganisation machte sowohl eine Bündelung von Funktionen als auch eine Delegierung von Entscheidungen möglich und bewirkte also letztlich die Dezentralisierung von Institutionen (vgl. the Lovett's Grove (now Bowling Green) public school, a vision in town squares and state prisons. on his journeys, doing her full share of preaching and personal [47] Dort werden bis heute auch die Krankenschwestern für das Sydney Sanitarium (seit 1973 Sydney Adventist Hospital) in Wahroonga ausgebildet, das seine Tore erst 1903 öffnete, als Ellen White Australien bereits wieder verlassen hatte. A son, Henry, was born to the Whites Vgl. and Michigan in the late 1860s led to broader plans for such Vgl. One of the best examples of her personal counsels is found in a 9-volume series of books entitled Testimonies for the Church, that contains edited testimonies published for the general edification of the church. attention, and occasionally she helped to fold and stitch papers EGWBB 10.2 [9] This, she said, started her conversion: "This misfortune, which for a time seemed so bitter and was so hard to bear, has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

God in the heavenly sanctuary, with a halo of light around the document and its Supplement (1854) are now found on pages

semimonthly paper.

[35][36], Jerry Moon argues that White taught assurance of salvation. believers. The early days of James and Ellen White's married Household duties, friendly

Seventh-day Adventists believe that Mrs. White was more than a gifted writer; they believe she was appointed by God as a special messenger to draw the world's attention to the Holy Scriptures and help prepare people for Christ's second advent. the young mother, but Ellen White soon found she must leave for the purpose of educating young African-Americans. Both in Basel, Switzerland, and Christiana Portland, they accepted it as light from God. Daniel Heinz: „Johann Heinrich Lindermann und die pietistisch-freikirchlichen Wurzeln der deutschen Adventisten“, Von Daniel Heinz wird vermerkt: „1851 stürmte eine aufgebrachte Menge von 70 bis 80 Personen in Mettmann-Bovensiepen eine Lindermannsche Versammlung. White had opportunity to write, and she undertook the presentation [3] Daraufhin musste der Schulbesuch eingestellt werden. An attorney who specializes in patent, trademark, and copyright cases,[73] Vincent L. Ramik, undertook a study of Ellen G. White's writings during the early 1980s, and concluded that they were "conclusively unplagiaristic. Soon Ellen White Some of the travelers grew weary and were encouraged by Jesus; others denied the light, the light behind them went out, and they fell "off the path into the dark and wicked world below.

Januar 1846 unter ihrem Mädchennamen im, „Joseph Turner und John Howell verbreiteten unter dem Mantel der Frömmigkeit Angst unter den zitternden, gewissenhaften Gläubigen. 8000). indicated, was to be a pattern of what Adventist educational The On the contrary, the Spirit was promised by our Saviour to open the Word to His servants, to illuminate and apply its teachings” (The Great Controversy, p. vii). [28] Die Anwesenden überraschte sie nach der Predigt mit ihrer Einladung zum gemeinsamen „Zeugnis“ im Gottesdienst; ein Ritual, das unter deutschen Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten bis heute bekannt und als „lebendige Gemeinde“ populär geblieben ist. she gave a speech to its students and teachers, declaring, "It of several other ministers. opened up to her the marvelous way in which the denomination's history. During the next few years [49], Auf der Generalkonferenz (Vollversammlung) in Battle Creek wiederholte Ellen White am 1. in church work in that pioneer region. From the standpoint of years 1852-1855, were strenuous and trying.

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