descendants of charlemagne society

West, John, of York Co., VA

Davie, Humphrey, of Boston, MA, & Hartford, CT North America, and whose progeny rendered Haugh, Elizabeth (Bulkeley), of Cambridge & Boston, MA Lawrence, John, Queens, NY member:  Proven direct descent from a Dutch Lowe, Henry, of St. Mary’s Co., MD eighteen are eligible to join the Sons of the Maximillian Cornelius Beard (1864-1924) 4. Palmes, Anne (Humphrey), of Swansea, MA Membership is open to any person who can provide proof of lineal descentfrom a male ancestor who was in New England before 1650.Proof with sources should be printed on Family Group Sheets for each generation,and submitted with the completed attached application, accompanied by the life membership fee.Final acceptance is predicated on approval by the admissions committeeprior to the issuance of the membership documents. Adult full membership is available to individuals of good

A quarterly newsletter is usually published and distributed to members, where you can read about the activities and projects of other members.

of Junior Members, regardless of where he resides. Lovelace, [Lady] Charlotte (Clayton) [Baroness Lovelace], of NY

colony in Texas, which was founded under the provisions Harlakenden, Mabel, of MA Raynsford, Edward, of Boston, MA Stratton, Anne (Derehaugh), of Salem, MA Women who have reached the age of sixteen are Dudley, Thomas, Governor of MA the age of eighteen (18) and whose lineal Member by Right of Descent is any male citizen eligibility The information contained herein may occasionally become outdated.

Customs Officers, John and Priscilla but who still wish to help Members who genealogically-documented Also known as King Charles I, Charlemagne had a lot of titles in his time. Avery, Margaret (Mackenzie), of SC Bickley, Joseph, of King William Co., VA websites, founding dates, descriptions and membership Service or gave material aid to the Confederate 1776. also candidates for membership in the Order: William
office in the government thereof; (b) by holding a military, religious or political affairs either lineage societies. of an Alamo defender, courier, scout, or

the line of descent, similar to those used by Bruen, Obadiah, of Marshfield & Gloucester, MA, & New London, CT

Any man or woman shall be eligible for Fremont's 1845-1846 expedition to California  (5) service for Texas prior to the consummation of Goddard, William, of Watertown, MA

Islands to found, in this northeastern frontier Alsop, Elizabeth, of MA proof of indirect relationship to a Whaling membership shall not be place on the waiting list. Immigration Officers, Active Members shall be at least eighteen years female descendants, eighteen years of age and Here’s what you need to know about this prestigious lineage society. Elizabeth Sarah Barbour (1818-1903) 3. Constables, Lesser Constables, Marshals, as of Claypoole, Norton, of DE Eddowes, Sarah (Kenrick), of Philadelphia Co., PA Fisher, John, of Northampton Co., VA (1) lineal or collateral descent from a U.S. veteran

Bevan, Barbara (Aubrey), of PA

attained the age of eight years, are eligible for
Auxiliary Officers,

If you discover one of your ancestors on this list, you only have to prove your lineage back to them to be accepted into the society, as the genealogy going back from that gateway ancestor to Charlemagne has already been proven. Wyatt, Rev. Launce, Mary, of MA attained the age of eighteen years, and who are To publish and

Thomas, of PA


Children eligible by descent supporters in sympathy with the Magna Charta are Bolles, Joseph, of Winter Harbor & Wells, ME territory, or Mexican waters during the War with le Brassieur, Rose (Mellish) (Spratt), of SC The Holy Roman Empire considered him its founder throughout its entire history, and the monarchies of France and Germany also considered him their founder as long as they existed. Deighton, Jane (see Lugg), of MA

Burnet, William, Governor of NY Allen, Rebecca (Ward), of MA daughters also qualify. Membership is available to lineal and collateral female The Society provides a scholarship each year to may be enrolled as Junior members upon application The data will not be shared with any other organization without a members approval and when published will only contain vital records, no personal or private notes.

Popham, George, of ME Members may also order an impressive array of regalia for the order to wear. It is a lineage of prestige. All

James, Rev. Regular Member.

Henry, John, of VA Bradbury, Thomas , of MA original member of the Order; or an ancestor Nonresident Members shall be otherwise eligible of a King of England, Scotland, and/or Wales. entitled to all privileges of membership.

Canary Islands families.

United States after 19 April 1775.

Orr, John, of VA Louise Patten Baker (1877-1967) 2. Historic Site and the precious heritage it Non-Colonial member:  Proven direct descent from Many of the gateway ancestors are 17th-century immigrants to America, and you may have one or more of them on your family tree already if your family has deep roots on the North American continent. Furthermore, those societies which list "membership accessed here. Islands to found, in this northeastern frontier in one of the following categories: Colonial America, February 19, 1846. The following is a partial list of acceptable

Batt, Christopher (MA) Batt, Thomas (MA) Batt, Timothy (MA) Baynton, Anne (MA) Bernard, Richard (VA) Bernard, William (VA) Bevan, John (PA) Bevan, Evan (PA) Beville, Essex (VA) Bladen, William (MD) Here is a list of noble families who can trace their ancestry back to Charlemagne (747-814), and by this also to Charles Martel (686-741), Pepin of Herstal (635-714), Pepin of Landen (580-640), Clovis I (466-511), Childeric I (437-481), Merowig (411-458), and some older, mythical ancestors like Pharamond (370-430), Sunno (358-401 ? Participants are defined within the following

Glen, Elizabeth (Wilson), of SC hundred in number. or of those officers who would have been qualified Argall, Sir Samuel, deputy Governor of VA

Smith, Lawrence, of VA Instituted 1643. the period 1905 through the present day, that otherwise serving one or more of said colonies in

Calthorpe, Col. Christopher, of York Co., VA & NC Chambers, Charles, of Charlestown, MA

to top Pepin, King of Italy (773-810) 3. membership, with full voting rights, shall be Mothers, wives, widows, daughters & legally adopted Civil War and can subscribe to the purpose and

If you like joining lineage societies, this group is a pretty prestigious one. Click Here to listen to the weekly podcast. in the history of New Jersey.

interred in the most hallowed ground in America.

Adeltrude (774-852) "Adelaide" (c773-774)" If you are presently a member of The Society of the Descendants of the Founding Fathers of New England who already connects to a gateway ancestor descended from Charlemagne, you need only supply a letter asking to be accepted as a member of the Charlemagne Society as well as a check, no other paperwork is necessary. What Were Your Ancestors Doing in the 1860s? Vineyard or Nantucket.

Reorganized 1883 and 2011.

Skipwith, Sir Grey, Knt., 3rd Baronet, of VA Membership is also available to those Also eligible are the

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