dea fast team afghanistan

DEA FAST team v Afganistane. The superlab was apparently a first of its kind seen by DEA agents in Afghanistan, who described the facility as "complex, sophisticated and well fortified" in the field report. Stumbled across this video on another shit. I mean, this is certainly hidden from the naked eye, so they could hide, keep their narcotics and distribute it at their leisure. A recent operation began shortly after 4 a.m., with Tarentino driving to Kandahar Air Field to meet his team before boarding helicopters and flying to a village near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The explosion toward the end of the piece is those items going up in smoke. A Green Beret A-team aided the agents in executing a warrant search in the western Afghanistan province. "That's going to make a dent in the European market.". The DEA is beleived to have at least 5 FAST squads, each with 10 agents. Here's a video I put together from a raid we did on 9/11. A United Nations report released in October said Afghanistan's opium harvest had increased 43 percent over last year's crop. FAST teams are the enforcement arm of the DEA�s Drug Flow Attack Strategy (DFAS). The raid turned up heroin, opium, precursor chemicals and bomb-making materials. SOCNET: The Special Operations Community Network,, "The FAST groups, who received specialized training, will be deployed in Afghanistan, two groups at a time, and rotate every 120 days. If you do a google for DEA FAST, there is quite a bit of information on the official DEA website.

"In this case," said Tarentino, "the agent did a great job of really doing a thorough search, and that thorough search resulted in this find. Actually, I was surprised how well-maintained and smooth those MI-17's were. The DEA responded to this in 2005 by forming 12-man FAST units trained by U.S. Special Forces. Operations begin early in the day. Advertisement . Tarentino leads his men on four-month deployments in Afghanistan. "Yeah, we found a pretty significant size of, uh, cache of op-- correction, hash, at our location," he said.

Among the Drug Enforcement Administration’s arsenal of counter-narcotics personnel, the Foreign-Deployed Advisory and Support Teams stand apart.

After retiring from the military, Tarentino joined the DEA and was working for the agency in New York on 9/11.

In Afghanistan, FAST operates as part of the DEA's Afghan Campaign Plan. A … Very well equiped... No, FAST are headquartered stateside and deploy OCONUS TDY to Afghanistan (and other places as well). He said a conservative estimated street value was about $60 million for the 12.5 tons of morphine base, 6.4 tons of heroin base, 134 kilograms of opium, 129 kilograms of crystal heroin and 12 kilograms of hashish seized in the Oct. 17 raid, which took place in the western Afghan province of Farah, on the border with Iran. No complaints. Their mission is to collect evidence and build legal cases against drug dealers.

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