cornering power in automobile

The heater circuit of the relay includes the flasher switch F which is connected to the positive voltage supply and which controls the current supplied to a turn signal lamp 62 connected to ground. Accordingly, when power to the thermal relay is interrupted, the bimetal actuator cools relatively quickly to deenergize the main contacts. <> In the embodiment shown in fig. Typical opening and closing times for the cornering relay are that the contacts close within 2.5 seconds after application of power and that after the contacts have remained closed for 30 seconds or more that they open within 7 seconds after power is interrupted. 14 0 obj >�[?��:��}0F�O���ۿj����%�\�fo8��*��/�P�}��k ]�ֶ9 '��jZès��Z�㈍�G��Pٺ����KI{�ϰ���[�gxBwKOg/^��_�� ?����R��:A��m�_=�7���Z����������?>66����޾}�Ν;��{��ӧOER�Ud:u>~�����)$\��+Ɉv�b4;!���͏��dY�"a�Mm˭�s�V����*H��Du�=tIC�����٘�3#�Pqp�^��D�ϯ���N����Y'��4S���׋� �%[i�i���b�V�l�%w ��g���ׯ_�MQ�[X�yƒ�������e,9U��7nܸZ_���k|�y�&nA����WWWWVVp����r~. The problem with prior art devices lies in the fact that heat is continuously supplied to the bimetal actuator. The operation of the thermal relay of the invention will be described in connection with the schematic diagram of FIG. The combined forces are subtractive. endobj �W��!tS�n�wZtK��yWs�S�8�C,��ܕr�`t@T�����Z����_�6�� )��O�?�����]�'J%h����V�;'�|W��L 2. automotive wheel cornering behavior analogue means as claimed in claim 1; It is characterized in that: wheel hub (5) is installed in axletree (4) end through internal thread; And through nut (8) locking, the simulation wheel of two on each axletree (4) (6) is the axis of symmetry symmetry with the center line of longeron (3). endobj The other end portion 44 of heater wire 34 is electrically and mechanically attached, by welding or other suitable means, to the end portion 46 of the thermal actuator which abuts against an auxiliary contact as will hereinafter be described. endobj 10 0 obj Granted publication date: 4 0 obj x��WKo�6���QZ@4�o���v�]l��I�CЃ�(N ?���4���)K�d��"ɣy|�}3!���x���j:!�0�Ι!�3�$#�b8��Y@�c�l(=}~��fBH F_��I�u��mz�vu7���G�&wO�;�&@�"Rj �[U���z�����>�~]?��L$�b��d�$�厤*��{꒝��j��I�3�T��`T�8�}BZ�4�L�j�,���.��2[��d�2%���}r3Sڰ��ʍ���{���(ü?Ü�m E�r",U��8��}v�4��I3� ���g���eЋh�: T��< Fig. Automotive wheel cornering property simulator and usage thereof, Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, Automobile wheel camber lateral force simulating device and application method thereof, Online measurement device for cornering stiffness of unmanned aerial vehicle tire, Automotive stability control real vehicle testing system, Stability parameter test board for automobile, Automobile stability parameter test bench and test method using same, A kind of automobile wheel camber lateral force analogue means and using method, A kind of unmanned plane tire cornering stiffness on-line measurement device, Vehicle handling dynamics: theory and application, Coordinated control of AFS and DYC for vehicle handling and stability based on optimal guaranteed cost theory, Models and methodology for optimal trajectory generation in safety-critical road–vehicle manoeuvres, Improving off-road vehicle handling using an active anti-roll bar, Understanding the limitations of different vehicle models for roll dynamics studies, Parameter and state estimation for articulated heavy vehicles, Design and testing of a controller for autonomous vehicle path tracking using GPS/INS sensors, A kind of three axle method for self-calibrating of vehicle-mounted acceleration sensor, Reliability analysis and reliability-based design optimization of roadway horizontal curves using a first-order reliability method, Roll-and pitch-plane-coupled hydro-pneumatic suspension. 3, the contact leaf 22 has two apertures therein identified by reference numerals 48, and 52. Thus, a substantial amount of time is involved between the time current to the heater is interrupted and the time the thermal relay contacts are deenergized. stream It is accordingly intended that the scope of the invention be defined in the claims. At this point the bimetal will cool and move in a direction to close the auxiliary contacts and again supply current to the heater. The flasher switch F also controls current flow to heater wire 34 through auxiliary contact 46 and conductor 56 to ground. 15 0 obj <> The third terminal 16 includes an integral tab 30 around which the lead portion 32 of a heater wire 34 is wound to make an electrical connection between the terminal 16 and heater wire 34. a thermally responsive actuator movable between actuated and deactuated positions, said thermally responsive actuator being situated in heat transfer relationship with said electrical heater, and arranged to sequentially actuate said main electrical contacts from said normal position to said operated position and then open said normally closed auxiliary contacts when electrical current is initially supplied to said electrical heater, said thermally responsive actuator, electrical heater, main electrical contacts and auxiliary electrical contacts further being arranged to allow said auxiliary electrical contacts to cycle between closed and open positions after said main electrical contacts have initially been operated without moving said main electrical contacts from the operated position. All rights reserved. 2 0 obj Eventually, when the turn signal switch 64 is opened, the bimetal will cool and move toward its normal position to open the circuit to the cornering lamp 60. ,z6"W:B�.hXi��x��PLL���7*����\,��:w�Y2@\�#2�J����4�(�Zŷ�,ܔ��E�*�B~1q NS����ab���0a� 蘰Bs�T • Dependence on load is taken into account through the cornering coefficient, where is the vertical load. 2 is a side elevational view of the relay assembly of FIG. 17 0 obj endobj It will be appreciated that with prior art relays where the self-regulating feature has not been provided, the time for opening of the main contacts 24, 26 will be considerably longer. During the course of the detailed description of the invention, reference will be made to the drawings in which: FIG. %PDF-1.5 %���� `w�y5_�j�! [ 14 0 R] endobj <> 1. automotive wheel cornering behavior analogue means; It is characterized in that: comprise a rectangular platform (1) and be placed on the model car on the platform (1); Wherein platform (1) be provided with many with the parallel groove (2) in the long limit of platform (1); Model car comprises longeron (3), is installed in the axletree (4) at longeron (3) two ends, is installed in the wheel hub (5) at each axletree (4) two ends and is installed in the simulation wheel (6) on the wheel hub (5) through packing ring (7) and nut (8); Wherein two axletrees (4) structure is identical, axis is parallel to each other, and with longeron (3) clearance fit, can freely rotate with respect to longeron (3); The structure of simulation wheel (6) is identical, and cornering stiffness is 0.2N/rad~200N/rad. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> �[�`�s�Ǹ����b`t�����(o�8��2�q0�3^#q[ <> The cornering lamps are placed on the side of the front fender of the automobile and are continuously energized when the turn signal switch is actuated by the driver. The aforementioned auxiliary electrical contact is formed by a laminated structure 55 comprising an insulative layer 54 and a conductive layer 56. During assembly, the conductor 56 is bent to the position indicated in dotted lines and by reference numeral 56'. The thermally responsive actuator further includes a central elongated actuation portion 40 which is situated in a plane generally parallel to the plane defined by contact leaf 22 and which has a plurality of turns 42 of the heater wire 34 wound therearound. While the preferred embodiment of the invention has been disclosed, obvious modifications and alterations will occur to those skilled in the art. endstream Hyundai has revealed the all-new i20 hatchback that comes with projector headlamps with LED DRL. In the past few model years, automobiles have included a cornering lamp in the signal light system. <> <>>> 4. the method for application of the described automotive wheel cornering behavior of claim 1 analogue means the steps include: 1) platform (1) horizontal positioned, model car is placed on above the platform (1), and when initial placement, the longeron of model car (3) is parallel with groove (2), and two simulation wheels (6) of longeron (3) one sides are near a groove (2); 2) power along longeron (3) direction of model car is given in experiment one, makes the model car motion, and then applies power in the other direction to model car, and model car is returned, and back and forth several times, observes the variation of simulation wheel (6) movement locus in the lateral attitude according to groove (2); 3) experiment two; Raise a side on the long limit of platform (1), platform (1) and surface level are formed an angle, angular range 5~10 degree; And then repeating step 2), experiment has been explained the cornering behavior of simulation wheel (6) once the variation of, two simulation wheel (6) lateral attitudes. © 2004-2020 The automotive wheel cornering property simulator has the advantages of low cost, simplicity and remarkable effect, and is easy to use. <> endobj Described automotive wheel cornering behavior analogue means; Wheel hub is installed in the axletree end through internal thread; And through nut lock, the simulation of two on each axletree wheel is the axis of symmetry symmetry with the center line of longeron, and the both sides that axletree is positioned at longeron are respectively equipped with spacing packing ring and split pin. Privacy Policy A thermally responsive actuator is preferably stamped and formed from flat bimetal stock and is mounted on the base 12 by riveting an integral horizontal mounting tab 36 to a boss 38 on the base. Part 2: dynamic response analyses, Method for calculating vehicle induced vibration response of railway bridge structure, Multi-shaft mine car torque distribution method and device, Fault-tolerant self-adaptation control method of automobile active suspension system, Using a scale testbed: Controller design and evaluation, An experimentally confirmed driver longitudinal acceleration control model combined with vehicle lateral motion, Vehicle modeling with nonlinear tires for vehicle stability analysis, A path-following driver model with longitudinal and lateral control of vehicle’s motion, Torque distribution algorithm for an independently driven electric vehicle using a fuzzy control method, Design and simulation of the robust ABS and ESP fuzzy logic controller on the complex braking maneuvers, Entry into force of request for substantive examination, Termination of patent right due to non-payment of annual fee.

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