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Redfield delivered the killing blow to Mary, firing a rocket at her as he and the remaining survivors evacuated the campus by helicopter. Directed by Shinji Mikami, Mitsuhisa Hosoki, Mitsuhisa Hosoki. At the end of the game, he fights with Wesker shortly after killing Alexia. Redfield and Sheva interrogating Irving after defeating him about Valentine's whereabouts. Redfield fights hand-to-hand against Glenn Arias. While Redfield was soon rescued by a BSAA unit, he swore revenge against Arias, devastated by the loss of the unit. Redfield did his best to fight Wesker on his own, but soon Wesker diverted his attention to a stranded Sheva, forcing Redfield to use a huge boulder to bridge the gap between them and regroup.

Unlike Jill, he is not equipped with a lock-pick and needs to find keys. Redfield and Nivans subsequently learned that a nearby ship was equipped with air-burst missiles filled with the C-Virus in gas form, aimed right at the mainland. As Redfield and Nivans faced the infected creatures, Finn managed to use the remaining APC firepower to injure the giant creature, forcing it to flee. [75] Joystiq commented that during The Umbrella Chronicles Chris possibly started his "steroid abuse",[76] a suggestion also made by IGN. After a grueling fight, the two find a video containing evidence of the crimes the director of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, Morgan Lansdale, who was behind everything. [74] Including him on its list of "ten game heroes who fail at the simple stuff" for his inability to shoot while moving in RE5, GameDaily recommended he "spend a little more time on the shooting range and a little less time pumping iron in front of a mirror". Redfield and Valentine figured that if there were any other survivors, they would have hidden in the silo. Redfield with Chambers and Kennedy after the end of the New York outbreak. Shortly before July 2017, Blue Umbrella asked the BSAA to send Redfield for assistance for upcoming missions in Dulvey, Louisiana, which he begrudgingly accepts as he didn't fully trust them. Sections of the game are essentially a retelling of Resident Evil. Constantly changing a character's appearance and voice makes the audience more disconnected from the character. Raccoon City Police Department elite team Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are forced to flee into a mysterious mansion where they encounter zombies and mutated monsters. Once they take away Leon's Backstreet Boys haircut, people will really start to get pissed. However, as they approached the waypoint Two of Hearts, Redfield and his team are ambushed by a troop of heavily armed J'avo, having their Armored Personnel Carriers destroyed in the process. (Video Game 1996). Captain Wesker was discovered to have been an agent for the corporation's intelligence department and had received orders by the company to destroy the facility to cover-up their connection to the killings and silence any witnesses.

[48] Chris appears as a Spirit in the Nintendo crossover video game Super Smash Bros.
One of them reads: 'Marksman Contest Winner: Chris Redfield.'". Redfield struggled to defeat her due to the C-Virus gas being triggered whenever he opened fire. RE1 (1996) A strain of the t-Virus engulfed the island as its security forces defended an invasion from HCF, a paramilitary unit under the command of Albert Wesker. He accepted the invitation and was given the position of point man for Alpha Team. Check it out! [21] After co-founding the BSAA, Chris is sent by director Clive R. O'Brian to investigate the return of the terrorist group, Il Veltro, with his new partner, Jessica Sherawat. While searching, they find the crashed helicopter but are set upon by mutated dogs, causing them to flee into a supposedly abandoned mansion. O'Brian then directs them to another ship, Queen Dido, where they find Il Veltro leader, Jack Norman, who injects himself with the t-Abyss virus. [72] GameSpy called his new design in Resident Evil 5 a cross between Colin Farrell and Hugh Jackman"[73] in particular, and became a source of controversy and was often ridiculed. This meant Redfield had no choice but to kill him, and after a short battle Redfield was able to eliminate Lucas once and for all, shooting up Lucas' hard drives to prevent the data transfer and being called back to Umbrella's local base camp.

[14] In 2009, GameZone ranked Chris as fourth on a list of the top five "gaming gods" of the year for his new look, describing him as "one gorgeous hunk" with "a killer body and dreamy good-looks". Arriving at the crash site, he found Kirk's body charred on top of a pile of burning tires, leaving Sheva and himself vulnerable to an ambush from a Majini motorcycle gang - however, they are saved by sniper fire from Delta Team, meeting Captain Josh Stone who passed on the analysis of HQ's data to Redfield and confirmed that Irving moved into the mines. [9] During this period Redfield also trained to use a variety of weapons including knives and was known for his hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship of which he won a contest for. Then they went off in pursuit of Wesker, who, they noted, headed for the village. Redfield, Chambers, and Nivans were joined by Sophie Home of the BSAA Oceania Branch and detective Barrington Mayer. The mission was to raid a building call-signed Ace of Spades where a few captured UN members are held hostage by the bioterrorists. ", "Action Figures - Tad's Resident Evil Hive", "Resident Evil 5 receives sand globe pre-order bonus", "Players Wanted: Resident Evil 6 - Stars feature - at IGN", "Hero Showdown: Redfield vs. Leon S. Kennedy - Stars feature - at IGN", "The Top Ten Sexiest Video Game Characters", "The 25 Most A**-Kicking Video Game Duos", "Sexy Video Game Characters Of Recent Years", "Top 10 Most Overrated Videogame Characters", "Top 10 Out of Luck Video Game Characters", "Character Most Likely to Fail a Performance-Enhancing Drug Test - GameSpot's Best Games of 2009", "Character Flaws: Ten Game Heroes Who Fail at the Simple Stuff Gallery by GameDaily", "Pinpoint exactly when Resident Evil's Chris Redfield started taking steroids", "Which Resident Evil hero is best dressed for a zombie apocalypse? Landing on the ship's deck, Redfield and Jessica began the search for their lost comrades, fighting off hordes of mutants. Kevin Dorman confirming he voiced Redfield in Umbrella Chronicles. [63][64] In 2010, GamesRadar website featured his team-up with Sheva in an article about gaming's "most violent double acts" for their actions in Resident Evil 5. [33], Chris is set to return for the 8th main installment in the series, titled Resident Evil Village. I really wish they would've kept the same character model and voice actor as RE5, 6, and Revelations.

Redfield and Sheva managed to defeat Irving in this form, separating him from his massive husk and flinging him back onto the boat. In RE3, we know Jill was trying to find him.

Alive The first version is exactly the same as the first game, the second one is the same as the first game but a lot easier, and the third version is what this game is all about: the re-arranged version.

Redfield watched Wesker and a mutated Alexia fight after he demanded that she should hand the Veronica Virus over, but was forced to deal with her himself when Wesker fled the scene. After Steve's death, Redfield activated the base's self-destruct system and reunited with his sister. [46] He returns in the game's sequel, Project X Zone 2. Among these was sniper Piers Nivans, whose skills particularly stood out to Redfield as he took him under his wing.

A brief battle soon followed. His shooting skills also made Redfield participated in the Raccoon Police Department's intramural shooting competitions for which he won at least one trophy.

Partnering with Valentine, the two became engaged in various operations, including bioweapon terrorism interdictions in Asia, destroying bioweapon laboratories in South America and arresting traffickers in Europe. Before passing away, DeChant revealed that the deal was a set-up and handed Redfield a hard drive containing data he retrieved from Irving. Leon is entering his Middle Ages, I think it's appropriate for him to get a new look.

From him, Redfield discovered that Claire was at an Umbrella facility in Antarctica and piloted one of the facility's Harrier jets to the Ross Ice Shelf. [17] Eventually, they manage to find and free Jill, and ultimately defeat and destroy Wesker who was planning to release a new virus into the atmosphere, ensuring complete global saturation. Redfield and Sheva pursued Wesker and Excella aboard a large tanker, fighting their way across the deck of the ship and reaching the inside where they encountered Excella once again.

Both Redfield and Nivans then were impressed by the agent's promising talent. In the end, they all smiled back at each other and the New York City bioterrorist attack was over with the majority of the city's population being saved. Redfield was sent to Kijuju alongside his new partner, Sheva Alomar, as well as BSAA Alpha Team, to arrest bioweapons dealer Ricardo Irving, who had connections to the rumored Uroboros virus. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite (2017 Video Game) Chris Redfield Roger Craig Smith.

It had nothing to do with the actor strike that … After the conflict, Redfield led his team to the Edonia City Hall.

[9] He also appeared in cutscenes included in End of Zoe. [45] He also appears in the crossover tactical role-playing game Project X Zone, the first time in a non-Capcom game, wearing his Resident Evil: Revelations outfit. Redfield himself was made aware of this when he was contacted by Leon S. Kennedy, a former rookie RPD officer turned US-STRATCOM agent that Claire met in Raccoon City. While the credits refer to the character as Chris Redfield, the helicopter he arrives in is branded with the Umbrella Corporation logo, which is now blue instead of red, initially causing people to question the person's identity. Redfield and Sheva try to surrender Wesker. Sergei taunted them, announcing that as fellow soldiers, Redfield and Valentine know the feeling of being alive in battle, before revealing T-A.L.O.S.

He can take a lot more physical damage from enemies than she can. Taking bribes from the company, Chief of Police Brian Irons resorted to shutting S.T.A.R.S.

Resumé Piers convinces Chris to rejoin the BSAA to avenge their fallen comrades. Redfield coordinating the escape from Marhawa Academy. infected with Uroboros which was the same one responsible for the deaths of Alpha Team - but they were able to defeat it. In the mountain ranges of Finland, the two lose contact with the BSAA, but they find Il Veltro's air base. After clearing them out, they investigated the town, eventually finding a little girl named Anna hiding inside her house. Piers convinces Chris to rejoin the BSAA to avenge their fallen comrades. The two battle their way to Arias, blowing the trucks with has the virus inside.

[68] In 2015, Logo TV ranked Chris first on their list of the sexiest male video game characters,[69] and was included on Pixel's 2016 list of most attractive characters from recent video games. STAGE I mean, the sole reason of his "Backstreet Boys" hairstyle is the popularity of that style at the time Re2 was being made. But as the platform lowered down, he and Sheva were attacked by a large creature known as U-8, promptly stopping the platform and forcing them to wrestle back control - however, in the end, Redfield was greeted to an empty capsule.
[44], Outside the Resident Evil franchise, Chris also is a playable character in the crossover fighting games Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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