centurylink corporate office contact information

Bill goes down to $154. Call them up and they explain that the bill had already been paid to Directv so I was still responsible for it, ok I understand and pay the bill.
By far the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. She never called back (which defeats the purpose of them asking for your phone number just in case the call is disconnected, go figure) and so I had to call back and NOBODY could find me in the system (so they claim) and when they finally find me they said they couldn't complete my transaction without double charging my credit card!

I may cancel internet period. got your answer? Now I am waiting for them to call me after they have heard the original phone conversation. We end the constant collection calls and letters and Fix Your Credit within 30 Days. Maybe he should invest some of the inflated wage into the company he works for? This company give me one price on the phone and then when the bill come it was NOTHING I AGREED TO !!!!! A total rip off, Century Link should wear a mask. WHATTTT???? I refused and canceled the service. The service has been horrible. Call 1-318-388-9000 to reach CenturyLink … these are just contractor's, yes the buck stops with the Corp. I have had my phone service with QUEST with no problems,,,, since century link took over it's been a night mare!!!!

I called tech support and was put on hold for 45 minutes. wasted 40 mins only to have them come back and still push for a larger deal and connection would take a week? I called to set up internet on a Friday and they gave me problems because the call was disconnected after I gave my credit card information and no one called me back to complete my order. Finally I had to become rude to get them to cancel it and raised my voice. Century Link knows they are stealing and that nobody can touch them. So i being me called corp. hq and was dealt with very professionally and am set for install in the am with the plan and terms i wanted as the pro said. It' as easy as taking candy from a baby....what is the consumer going to do about it?

They don't give a shit, they got theirs by screwing the customer and laugh all the way on their private jet to their off shore bank account. I spoke to Tabitha on 1/22/2015 and she did confirm that I had indeed called on 12/3/2014 and spoke to someone in their loyalty department but that was it. IF I WERE TO TREAT MY CUSTOMERS THIS WAY I WOULD RUN MY BOSSES COMPANY INTO THE GROUND. Remember if i ask you sisters husband 2 tell give you an important message and she don't get it? 4 hours on the phone.

I'm calling the attorney generals office. i do hope i not will have this problems i am reading here, because i just signed up with them.

After listening to a recording telling me how much they valued me as a customer,someone with the knowlede of a janitor answered.

No show. they sent a modem but I had already canceled before it started up service. This company is ONLY focused on raw profit at the publics' expense. Everytime i call they say there is nothing wrong with it. I was told that I need to call my Card company to have the right amount sent for payment, the care company had to call and help me and then the finance department in century link tried to tell me I misunderstood what I was told. Not only did I not know and not ever use this but was paying to buy prepaid long distance cards. No picture or sound. I hope to God no one else has to deal with any of the things I dealt with dealing with these idiots. My installation date was scheduled for 08/04 the following tuesday between the hours of 2:30pm-5:00pm. Again they told me a tech is on the way so I left work early to meet them here. F U Century Link, your employees are lying criminals! Centurylink is just another large corporation that just cares what goes into CEO's pockets. This company is the worst company ever, they are a bunch of lairs and thieves. Once that happens they treat you like shit and raise the price on you. WOW!!!

when I received the modem on 06/01/15 I tried to activate it and it didn't work. It looks as if their CEOs and Board Members don't give a shit about how their company treats the customers. "When copper wears out, nobody really wants to replace it with more copper." CenturyLink Corporation (CenturyLink) is a high speed internet, phone and TV services American provider, that offers its services both to businesses and homes, in 37 states.To contact CenturyLink headquarters, go through teh contact details below and choose the method you want.. Centurylink Wikipedia Information "And from a recent article titled "You still use a landline? Then I was charged for full business service for 9/19-10/18 ($80.76). I'll be happy to let you know again, how you are the WORST company I've ever had to deal with. Now after at least two days go by, no modem so I contact Centurylink once again to be told this time that they have to resubmit the request to overnight the modem and also that I wasn't getting a refund check but that the balance would be credited to my account. Everyone needs to flood the Corporate Fax machine with complaints:The President and CEO is Glen F. PostFax: 866-865-0346Corporate Phone: 1-318-388-9000. We are now looking at a different service. Centurylink is starting to suck. I have spent 1 hour on the phone and Centurylink internet site trying to ask questions about my home billing. Then it was there was no new equipment avaible. I called and cancelled my account the first week in January and they finally shut the phone off July 15th for non-payment. Their customer service is rude, annoying, and cannot seem to get it together.

7-21-2015, Hi just to let you know this company y really bad in service. Then they sent me my modem I had to hook up myself...otherwise that would have been $59.95 for them to do it, and 2 weeks after that for someone to come out and hhok up the phone in which they said if they need to come inside and do something that was gonna be $89.95 an hour then 2 weeks later I recieved my first bill it was $400 dollers and when I called to complain I sat on the phone for 2 hours for them to explain why my bill was that way and still ended up paying $159. they are doing criminal billing to everyone who isn't secret member of their secret club! If so, contact me on Google+ or gmail.

Those were the new charges,not including any previous balance! Yep I am an "angel" as you put it!

I AM PISSED OFF BECAUSE I AM GETTING NO WHERE IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR' LOYAL CUSTOMER'S ? yes i've read 5000 complaints on them identical to yours. Customer service is a joke, Century Link is a joke.

I then requested a supervisor who told me that it was a good fee and I had to pay it. There's nothing she can do, the bill is correct. Cecilia in escalation in AZ was by far the RUDEST, UNPROFESSIONAL PERSON I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF SPEAKING WITH.

After fiddling with the website for a few hours over a couple of days, I gave up.

It is a nightmare. So i called Cox on Thursday and they set up service at my apartments like it was a piece of cake!

Century Link has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with.
FCC voting on new phone rules":"The march away from copper appears inevitable.

AND SHE STATED SHE DID NOT HAVE AN ID # OR ANYTHING I COULD REFERENCE HER BY,,,,,,,found this extremely hard to believe..lied to again. What you have put me through in the past month is beyond words. I even left time warner to come to these people who pretty much SCAMMED ME! I did not receive my modem next day due to Centurylink not documenting my correct address, so when I checked the status of delivery online it requested an updated address. Here is just how much they do suck! I called again,and they said I owed $275, because I hadn't paid a bill. It mentions wireless providers and my services are all wired, but the clause may apply here (or not...)You can google this without the quote marks and find the cnet article:"The case: AT&T vs. Concepcion How did consumers lose their right to file class action lawsuits? Isis would be proud. I called centurylink (cl) December 3, 2013 to get information for internet service only. CenturyLink Headquarters Information: CenturyLink is the 2nd biggest United Status communication provider in the world.

Me, how about a dad that was Joint Chief Administrator of Staff!

Oh, my. they bill $500 to anyone trying to cancel with them. Same with us. I don't believe that I think that they just didn't want to give me the sevice. They also had my home phone # wrong, and said I had 2 home phone lines. March 29,2016 2:00 PM Century Link is by far the worst company I've ever dealt with. I finally got someone with half a brain in billing to admit the charges were ridiculous. So I called customer service, and they told me a technition would be at my house January 25th.

My dad would not be able to do this. Pull my notes up & you can read them. Still wasn't told why my bill went higher.

if the government isn't going to stop these criminals then the government is the bigger criminal1, I am a Centurylink employee in Colorado. I am amazed at their profit reports. Nothing worked. Now I've received another bill including all of the above, and I tried once more to patiently get answers. NO PROBLEM!

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