beetles that look like cockroaches

Cockroach vs. Beetle Water bugs eat fresh food, like tadpoles or small fish, while cockroaches eat anything, including rotting material. Ground beetles consist of over 2,000 different species.

They also are beneficial insects in the garden, breaking down plant matter and providing food for hungry birds, reptiles and mammals. If the bug is living in your kitchen cabinets or bathroom, it is likely a cockroach. Only four species are prominent in the U.S.: German, Oriental, American and brown banded. One distinguishing factor is the beetle's hardened front wings. June bugs may be mistaken as a cockroach because of its brown color. With more than 2,000 species of ground beetle, no one description fits all, but generally these insects are look something like roaches, and their bodies are often dark and shiny.
They are darker than roaches, and many of them are black in color. Just like cockroaches, they have wide body frame, wings, and deep red/brown exterior but the distinguishing factor between the two is that the front wings of beetles are hardened while cockroaches have leathery wings.

Resilient and tenacious, cockroaches are termed the ultimate survivors. A Cockroach Can Live Without Its Head. A little sleuthing reveals their true identity. The lookalike bugs only get into the house by accident and will try to get out as soon as possible.
But if we can look closer, we can see that this bug has a longer back leg, no antenna, and a peanut-like body. If you are hoping that cockroach lookalikes in the garden are less dangerous, think again. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Also called May beetles, June bugs look like roaches because of their reddish-brown to black color. The majority are oval-shaped, large insects that are black or dark brown. Cockroach Characteristics As compared to cockroaches, the exoskeleton of crickets is softer. Bugs that look like cockroaches but aren’t. Name a species that has been on earth for 350 million years, creatures that can go two months without food and zip along at a speed of 50 body lengths per second. Although the trees may look tattered by this munching, you don't need to do anything to control the bugs. Whether they call these creatures May beetles or June bugs in your part of the country, you might mistake the large flying insect for a roach if you only get a passing glance. Emerald ash borers are metallic green in color and very small. Crickets resemble cockroaches a little, six-legged crawlers with antennae about the same length as the brown or black bodies. More specifically, the Locust borer has distinctive yellow, black, and red markings that roaches do not have.

With the right information, you can come up with the best plan to get rid of it. Even cockroaches that have been decapitated survive for weeks. But it is critical to tell the difference because ground beetles are beneficial insects in the garden, eating maggots, snails and other soft-bodied pests including gypsy moth larvae. Generally, ground beetles are mistaken as cockroaches because of their dark and shiny bodies. She is co-founder of On Fiction Writing, a website for writers. Cockroaches can trigger allergies, especially in children. Cockroaches like humidity but not water, while giant water bugs spend most of their time in fresh water, and any standing water in your yard might attract them.

Approximately the same size -- 1/2 to 1 inch -- and color -- brown/black -- as a cockroach, the June bug is vegetarian, feeding almost exclusively on tree leaves. Still, you don't want them in your house, as they carry carry pathogens that can make you sick, destroy paper products and trigger allergies and asthma. We’ll help you find out if your creepy crawler is a cockroach or just an impostor.

Perhaps you've read that they have been voted the most likely to survive a nuclear war. In fact, Locust borers look more like a wasp than a cockroach. But not every bug that looks like a cockroach is in fact a cockroach. You can also distinguish some species of these insects by their multiforked antennae that look like eyelashes. Giant water bugs look something like large cockroaches but, unlike roaches, they can give you a painful bite if you invade their space. Miller holds a diploma in social services from Clarke College in Belleville, Ontario. Crickets live outdoors, eat plant matter and "sing" on summer nights.

Their main difference is that June bugs are rounder than roaches, they have antennae that are curled like eyelashes, they are 100% vegetarian, eating leaves and … Those who hate cockroaches may shudder to hear that there are more than 3,500 roach species in the world.

Renee Miller began writing professionally in 2008, contributing to websites and the "Community Press" newspaper.

The heavy-bodied June beetles vary from 12 to 25 mm and have shiny wing covers that make them looked like a cockroach. Ground Beetles. Listed below are some bugs that look like cockroaches but aren’t. Ground beetles are usually shiny—some species have a metallic appearance. Sometimes, they are smaller.

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