all the things you are lead sheet eb

Printable sheet music file, 1 copy • 1 pages, ID: SM-000126248. After you have looked them over, and listened to the audio example, try comping over ATTYA and inserting these changes into your playing in order to feel and hear how they sound in a musical situation. 0000027262 00000 n Here are those two common ATTYA chord subs on paper. 0000036724 00000 n The last section of the tune is similar to the first, though just a bit different, so we will label it A’’. 0000004879 00000 n 0000006757 00000 n 0000016972 00000 n Very nice. Anything you play over the first eight bars can be played over the second eight bars, just a fourth lower, or a fifth higher depending on how you want to think about it. After the descending section, the tune finishes with a 2-5-1 in the tonic key of Ab.

By understanding the relationship between each section of the tune, and the chords within those sections, you can develop a greater appreciation for the overall formation of the harmony, which will allow you to better navigate the changes in both a solo and chordal fashion. Don’t worry about the quality of the chord (m7, maj7, etc), just focus on remembering the numbers. Hola! Cm7. 0000002386 00000 n startxref G maj7. 0000000016 00000 n This is followed by another eight-bar phrase that we will label A’. 0000001256 00000 n

Download Jerome Kern All the Things You are (from Very Warm For May) sheet music. x�b``Pf``�a �IOP3�0p. Try writing out the key and Roman numeral analysis for one of your favorite standards, then once you feel confident enough, try calling out the names of the chords and their function without writing them down.

6 0 obj<> endobj I’m going to study and use it right away. 0000037012 00000 n Notice that he plays a b9 as a passing note over the Cm7, and not the natural 9. What most guitarists fail to realize is that the piece actually has a fairly intricate harmonic structure that can pose quite a few problems for the beginning improviser or comper. 0000028940 00000 n Your browser does not support JavaScript or it is disabled! This is used to turn the tune around to the first chord at the top of the form, Fm7. Here is a backing track to help you get ATTYA’s chord changes in your ears and to improvise over.

All the Things You Are - Eb. Fm7. Notice how the fingering and the intervals are the same between the two lines, the second motive has just been moved up the neck to fit the new key center. Thanks! 0 0 upvotes 0 0 downvotes. Instead of trying to work out larger groupings of notes over this section, I’ve found that it can be beneficial to pick a short four to six-note motive to base ideas of during this section. TEMPO: Fm7. D7.

Upload. It gives you an idea of how important certain progressions are in the jazz idiom, such as the 2-5-1 chord progression, which occurs ten times during the thirty-six bars of ATTYA. Title by uploader: All the Things You Are Look inside. Hammerstein/Kern - All The Things You Are. In this chord sub, which you can see and apply in bars 7 and 8 of the first A section, you will climb up the diatonic chords, Cmaj7-Dm7-Em7, before moving down chromatically to the next chord in the tune, Cm7 in bar 9 of the tune.

The All The Things You Are Lead Sheet Explained. 0000002860 00000 n Fm7. By no means do I recommend you try to play the song all at once and sight read it. G maj7. Being able to quickly recognize key centers, and short excursions outside of the main key areas will make sight-reading any tune a breeze. If we take out the key centers, the first eight bars have exactly the same numerals as the second eight (6-2-5-1-4-2-5-1). Here are 2 Chet Baker examples over the VI II V I progression starting on bar 9. Since there are so many 2-5-1 progressions in All The Things You Are, it might be a good idea to check out the licks in this lesson: 2-5-1 Jazz Guitar Licks. To begin this lesson, we’ll start with the famous intro Charlie Parker played on his recordings. In the first example, we have a motive built of the one-octave arpeggio for each chord. C maj7. MusicaNeo is a global music platform for online publication and sale of digital sheet music and performance licenses. The ‘ symbol is used to differentiate this section from the first, as they are both very similar, but as you will see,  they are in different keys. Pure Kern sounds better, imho. These first two sections can also be thought of as the first “half” of the tune. 0000001804 00000 n Having an understanding of any tunes harmony will make your solos have a deeper connection to the tune. If you are going to buy the score of this pretty amazing piece of music, make sure you are getting the original version by Jerome Kern ONLY, and not an arrangement like Schulz, for example. Ab maj7. 0000010256 00000 n encuentro un error entre el cifrado, la partitura y la tablatura en el chordmelody, en el compas 14 sobre el Ab7(#11), el A y el G son bemoles como confirma el cifrado y la tablatura. Here is a chord/melody arrangement of the theme.

Many thanks for London. This analysis makes improvising over this song a lot easier. Publish, sell, buy and download sheet music and performance licenses! Printable sheet music file, 1 copy • 17 pages.

0000034443 00000 n First of all, there are a lot of 2 5 1 chord progressions in this song.

0000016636 00000 n G maj7. The second four bars of this section, 29-32, contain an idiomatic jazz progression that is commonly found throughout the jazz standard literature, IVmaj7-IVm7-IIIm7-bIIIdim7. ... Lead sheet: Comments; For acoustic guitar. Y tambien, en la melodia del compas 18 creo que deberia sugerir un Gb(F#) Saludos, In here I can learn something useful to complete my performance~. 0000026998 00000 n Sheet music file Here, you will play a common turnaround that starts on the Imaj7 chord and then moves up to the iim7, then the iiim7 chords, before sliding down chromatically through the biiim7 chord to the iim7 chord at the start of the B section. Notice how similar each section is to the other sections of the tune: Knowing the Roman numerals will not only help you to understand the harmonic structure of AATYA, it will also help to transpose this tune into other keys. The second chord subs appear at the end of the second A section, in bars 15 and 16. This section is used to “wrap” up the first two sections by restating the melody line in bars 25 through 29, before presenting new material that leads to the final cadence in bars thirty-three through thirty-five. All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern) is one of the most commonly played jazz standards and is often one of the first tunes called at a jazz jam session. Below is a Roman numeral analysis of All The Things You Are. All the things you are Jerome Kern Lead sheet / 1 PDF Arranger : Bergeron, Guy. Printable sheet music file, 1 copy • 5 pages. In this first lick, Chet Baker plays an Abmaj7 arpeggio over Fm7, resulting in a minor 9 sound: On the next chord (Bb7), he switches to an Ab7 arpeggio, emphasizing the b13: In this second lick, Chet Baker plays an Fm7 arpeggio over Fm7, and a Dm7b5 arpeggio over Bb7: When I teach this song to younger or less experienced players they usually have trouble navigating through bars 29-32, the descending chord section. 217 views. The third section contains bars 17 to 24 and will be labeled B. 0000016167 00000 n 0000001056 00000 n The B section is the “contrasting” section as it uses different keys and a different melody line than the other three sections. 0000005844 00000 n Harold Arlen - Over The Rainbow. Here’s an example of what Charlie Parker plays over these chords. In the second example I have kept the same rhythm but instead of using the 1 3 5 7 arpeggio, the line is based on the 3 5 7 9 arpeggio of each chord. G maj7. ... save Save All the Things You Are - Eb For Later. Printable sheet music file, 1 copy • 26 pages.

0000003030 00000 n All the Things You Are can be divided into four sections, with the first two being sub-sections of one larger section: The first section of the tune contains bars 1 to 8 and is labeled A. The first three bars of the bridge have the same numerals as the second half of the bridge. Search Search. This type of analysis if outstanding; especially for people like me who seem to never finish a tune and don’t know why.

6 38 Close suggestions. Ab maj7. ... Melody and chords - Eb Instruments. Eb^7 the lone ly - win A7 ter - seem long. %%EOF

The backing track is done with Band in a Box, a great piece of software that lets you create backing tracks on the fly. All The Things You Are – Charlie Parker Intro, All The Things You Are – Chord/Melody Arrangement, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra, The first five bars contains a 6-2-5-1-4 progression in the, This is followed by a 2-5-1 progression in the, The first five bars of this section is a 6-2-5-1-4 progression in the. In classical music, they would be called the exposition. Please log in again. D^7 9 You Dm7 are Gm7 the breath C7 less - hush of eve F^7 ning - that 13 trem Bb^7 bles -on the brink E7 of a 3 love ly - song. The progression starts with a IVmaj7 chord in bar 29, which then becomes a IVm7 chord, before moving down to IIIm7 and finishing on a bIIIdim7 chord. Melody, lyrics and chords - C Instruments, Melody and chords - Bass Clef Instruments, June is Bustin' Out All Over (from Carousel). 1.80 Bbm7. 0000001675 00000 n Eb maj7. There are many analyses of ATTYA on the web, but non as clearly as this one. The bIIIdim7 (Bdiim7) chord then resolves down to the IIm7 (Bbm7) chord in bar 33. 0000038860 00000 n The first five bars of this section repeat the same progression from bars 1-5 of the A section, before moving on to new material in bar 30. 0000002230 00000 n Am7. You can see the added chord subs written in red in both examples below. There are two key centers found within the first eight bars of the tune, Ab and C: Even though these chords are in two different keys, the fact that they are a half-step apart makes for a smooth modulation. OMG, where was this understanding when I was 20? Bars seventeen through twenty-four are often referred to as the “bridge” section of All The Things You Are, since the melody line has changed and we are now dealing with two new key centers. 0000002996 00000 n 0000036287 00000 n

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