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This ephemeral element of the technological infrastructure has been deemed so important that the building is able to survive nuclear fallout and exist off-grid for up to two weeks without issue. The ornate structure is part of a building boasting more marble than the Vatican. The brutalist structure located at 33 Thomas Street in Lower Manhattan is made up of 29 floors and three underground levels.

Both AT&T and the FBI coordinated NSA agent visits to the facility, the Intercept reported. The 550-foot-tall skyscraper at 33 Thomas St., just a short walk from City Hall, is completely windowless and reportedly is used as a hub for spying by the National Security Agency (NSA). Today it continues in that purpose, while also storing a portion of the company’s datacenter processing.

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But that beautiful, terrifying image you have in your head of stories upon stories of telephone cables and digital boxes stacked 18-feet high, glowing within the building’s impenetrable walls, might just be better than the real thing, anyway.

The tower was designed by architecture firm John Carl Warnecke & Associates and built in 1974. One look at the skyscraper’s face should tell you that public admittance isn’t an option. © 2020 Atlas Obscura. “Rather, we simply respond to government requests for information pursuant to court orders or other mandatory process and, in rare cases, on a legal and voluntary basis when a person’s life is in danger and time is of the essence, like in a kidnapping situation,” Fletcher Cook told The Intercept. No purchase necessary.

View of 33 Thomas Street from the adjacent streets at the intersection of Church & Worth. The brutalist, 29-storey AT&T Long Lines Building at 33 Thomas Street has sheer concrete walls that could reportedly survive an atomic explosion; inside, documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden suggest, is one of the agency’s most important spying centres. The 2011 document also points employees to the FBI’s New York field office, which is just a block from the AT&T Long Lines Building. There are also AWM parking spaces, reserved for federal agents, in front of the building. Layer by Layer: A Mexico City Culinary Adventure, A Lockpicking Practicum With Schuyler Towne, Japanese 'Love Hotels' Are Kind of Perfect for Pandemics, In Nairobi, Young Diners Clamor for Traditional Kenyan Cuisine, California Is Named for a Griffin-Riding Black Warrior Queen, The Unsettled Legacy of the Bloodiest Election in American History, Inside Rome’s Secure Vault for Stolen Art, In Naples, Praying With Skulls Is an Ancient Tradition, Inside a Domed Pyramid With Astounding Acoustics and a History of Miracles, See the Mysterious Horned Helmet of Henry VIII, Searching for Home and Connection Through Typewritten Poetry, The Female Shark Spotter Protecting Réunion Island’s Surfers, Afloat the Erie Canal: A Self-Led Houseboat Adventure, African Burial Ground Memorial National Monument, New York City History, Hidden In Plain Sight, 33 Places Famous for the Scandals That Occurred There, 50 Obscure and Amazing Places to Visit in 2017, http://web.archive.org/web/20070630233827/http://www.greatgridlock.net/NYC/nyc3b.html#74b, http://www.nyc-architecture.com/SOH/SOH026.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/33_Thomas_Street.

This memorial attraction maintains the memory of slavery's legacy in the creation of New York. In 1994, the New York Times reported that 33 Thomas Street was part of the firm’s “giant Worldwide Intelligent Network… directing an average of 175 million phone calls a day.” The Snowden documents, however, describe “a covert monitoring hub… used to tap into phone calls, faxes, and internet data.”.

A windowless skyscraper in the heart of New York City may be the secret Manhattan surveillance hub of the US National Security Agency (NSA), The Intercept has reported. Be the captain of your own ship as you steer along this historic waterway, experiencing its hidden wonders and two centuries of history. All rights reserved. 33 Thomas Street… So far, the project has taken the lives of 23 workers, or "a man a mile.". A key NSA program called BLARNEY is allegedly run out of a secret location in the building that taps into “communications of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and at least 38 countries, including close US allies such as Germany, Japan, and France,” their report states. Save this picture!

Now, move along. The former reveals that TITANPOINTE exists in New York City, and the latter refers to a “partner” named LITHIUM, which is what the NSA calls AT&T. The former president of the UN’s general assembly, Mogens Lykketoft, told the Intercept, “Such spying activities are totally unacceptable breaches of trust in international cooperation.”. “The Manhattan skyscraper appears to be a core location used for a controversial NSA surveillance program that has targeted the communications of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and at least 38 countries, including US allies.”, __________________________________________________________________, The Intercept has reported. Hidden in plain sight: The NSA's 'secret spy base inside a windowless, nuclear-bomb proof AT&T skyscraper in lower Manhattan' Located at 33 Thomas Street is AT&T's faceless telecommunications hub Built to endure a nuclear attack, a New York City skyscraper known as the AT&T Long Lines Building is actually among the most essential assets of the NSA, which runs mass surveillance programs inside the windowless tower, according to the Intercept.

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A windowless skyscraper in the heart of New York City may be the secret Manhattan surveillance hub of the US National Security Agency (NSA), The Intercept has reported. BLARNEY documents detail how the program does “full take” surveillance, meaning it gathers both content and metadata in bulk by using “commercial partnerships” to “gain access and exploit foreign intelligence obtained from global networks.” The data collection falls into six different categories: “counterproliferation, counterterrorism, diplomatic, economic, military, and political,” according to The Intercept.

Built between 1969 and 1974 by John Carl Warnecke & Associates, it was simply referred to as Project X during the planning phase, the Intercept reports.

Another spying program reportedly operating from the building called SKIDROWE allegedly focuses on covertly vacuuming up internet data. The windowless, 550'-tall AT&T tower at 33 Thomas Street in lower Manhattan is the building referred to as TITANPOINTE in the NSA documents leaked …

Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you, ‘Bad day for democracy’: German court rejects calls for disclosure of NSA spy targets. The brutalist structure located at 33 Thomas Street in Lower Manhattan is made up of 29 floors and three underground levels. An AT&T spokesperson denied that government agencies have direct access to their networks, however.

Moltke said a number of details in the Snowden material pointed to 33 Thomas Street, including references to a known code name for AT&T; the building’s location about a …

Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. The AT&T Long Lines Building houses an international telephone exchange – but does it also contain something more?

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