Four Exercises to Get Abs Like A Professional Athlete

Summer is on its way again. And each year, you hope to attain the abs of your dreams and show them off in an amazing piece of swimwear.

But wait, you’re not where you want to be, and those hundreds of crunches get boring. That means it’s time to change up your workouts to keep the results coming.

That’s why we’ve gathered some ab exercises that are sure to help you look like a professional athlete with these abs workouts.


Everyone has heard of planks, and while the exercise may look simple, it’s one of the most effective ab workouts around. The key is to engage your abs before you lift yourself into plank position. Oh, and you’ll want to keep your abs engaged by continuing to breathe as long as you’re in plank pose.

This exercise uses your abs, but it also provides great cardio for burning fat and torching calories. If you need to, start out by squatting down, then stepping your feet back all the way into a plank, then stepping them back to the front. As your core strength grows, you can jump your feet back and forth for an added challenge.

Scissor Kicks

Say goodbye to that pooch! Start out by lying on your back. You can extend your legs fully towards the ceiling. Lower one leg towards the floor, then switch legs. Place your hands under your hips to keep your back flat against your mat. Repeat this motion for the desired number of reps.

Side Planks

We can’t forget the obliques, now, can we? Lie on your side in a straight line from head to toes. Bring your elbow directly under your shoulder and lift your hips off the floor. You can even try pulsing for a few seconds at a time and then lowering for a quick break and lifting again. Don’t let your hips poke out behind you.
Repeat on the other side. For an added challenge, perform this plank with your wrist under your shoulder, instead of your elbow.

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